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2nd Bull Run Issue, bug or no?

James Ewell Brown Stuart

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Hi All, has anyone else run into this issue? so I have the new patch am playing the confederate side on easy and limited division size, and have taken great length to fill(4 of 5 divisions) a 2nd corps for the 2nd Bull Run battle, I have tried this previously with a half a corps as the diversion successfully without the division limit.

this time however, the AI storms me with everything they have, which is fine, I get that it was a precarious situation for the south, but the division limit doesnt seem to be working...in fact it seems opposite, all the union divisions seem 2300 or more in strength which shouldn't be the case if limiting division size PLUS a 7% reduction in strength for winning a precursor battle before 2nd BR.

PLUS, as I was playing, and trying to fend off full str divisions a 2800 str cavalry division came into and out of view...and this is the easy mode with a limited division factor? it seems bugged to me.

I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but did restart the battle b/c I was called away the first time.


I just want to say GREAT GAME!, one of my favorites of all time and i'm old school

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Are you speakingof the actual 2nd bull run battle or the groveton farm which is the little starting battle?  I am playing a CSA campaign on limited enemy and the union forces showed up with several 2000+ man brigades.  I dont believe it is a glitch

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the actual 2nd BR battle, I think it is just scaling gone crazy, I have a strong 2nd corps created to delay until my first arrives and it scaled to a crazy extent, almost all the union brigades are 2700 to 2800 in strength and there is indeed a 2800 str cavalry division, so much for limiting enemy strength and the reduction from difficulty and winning the previous battle.

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