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Fredericksburg Missing corps


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Just played through to the new fredericksburg map, and noticed a pretty glaring bug. 3 corps are required for starting this battle, with 2 possible corps as reinforcements.

My corps were laid out as 1st(left) maryes heights, 2nd(center) and 3rd right, the battle played out in phases and my  1st and 3rd corps showed up as expected but  my second corps never appeared, worse, when the center section opened the AI can attack there, but i had no soldiers stationed to defend because 19 brigades were missing. I shifted a few reserves and saved the battle. the union was pretty fought out by that point. but an entire missing corps makes me sad. I also filed this through the in game bug reporter

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This might be related to the bug I saw last night when trying to play Fredericksburg. After the first phase (the short one where you just defend the city), I noticed that the game had changed the order of my 3 Corps on the main map. It kept putting my weakest Corp on my right flank, when I originally had them set on my left. I tried a couple of different saves, same thing happened. I tried reordering the Corps (restarting the battle a few times) and all would hold correctly except wherever I put the 3rd Corps, it would always end up on the right flank. I tried to go to camp and shift brigades from my 2 corps to the weak one, but when I started the scenario, I only had the original brigades from the weak 3rd Corps. This is a gamebreaking bug for me. I also reported through F11.

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