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Random game freezes


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For some reason the game likes to freeze on me, both during battles, main menu, and camp screens. By freeze I mean the game will stop, no movement in the mouse or anything, then in a second will come back and will fast forward anything that happened during that one second timeframe. Sometime's it's tolerable, other times it happens extremely often. There doesn't seem to be much of a pattern with it, and restarting the game only seems to help for a little while, and only when it's very bad will it help significantly. The freezing seems to be a little better after the patch, but just today during the Battle of 2nd Bull Run, 2nd phase, I had freezes almost every 5-10 seconds for about 3 minutes, which was extremely challenging to deal with. I understand it's very early in the EA cycle, and it is not to major of an issue, but it can impede on gameplay/immersion quite a bit at times. Heavy battle doesn't seem to change the results either, during the 2nd Battle Of Bull Run I mentioned it was heavy fighting with heavy freezing, but the battle after that (forget the name, but it's the first skirmish of the Maryland Campaign) was also heavy fighting but little freezing. The freezing itself is sometimes a 1 second freeze then back to game, but can also be a freeze coupled with a rotating Windows circle as if the game was not responding, only for a split second though.

If it matters I'm running on Windows 7 with 8 gb ram, if other specs are needed I can post it and if a screenshot of my CPU/Memory usage would be useful I can do that too. Thanks for looking into it.


Edit: Also V-sync being on/off has no impact on the issue.

Edit2: Also if it matters I'm playing the same campaign as I was playing before the patch, so no fresh start.\

Edit3: Okay this is incredibly interesting. I picked up something during the Battle of Harper's Ferry. From what I saw the frequency of the freezes is determined by how zoomed in the game is. It's weird. In the beginning it started off with small freezing, then it started off with higher amounts, but then I zoomed in all the way. The freezing stopped completly. Then a minute or two later is started up again, at a really high frequency too. So I zoomed out all the way and then..it stopped. Very weird. After that is froze for both for a little while, but then it went back to it's zoom in/out cycle earlier. I'll upload a video soon showing exactly what I observed. 

Edit4: And now I'm at Antietam and zooming doesn't make a difference, just freezing everywhere. Hmm when I think about it this could be a me problem too, will mess with it tomorrow. Not that anyone is looking because this post isn't approved yet.

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Try to set your Video Quality to Low-Medium and see if it happens again. If it stops then most likely your CPU/Video card get overloaded on High settings. Also, make sure your Temps are stable, overheating will cause such symptoms as well. 

Another good thing is to make sure your Video Drivers are up to date. I would try reinstalling them just to be safe. 

Check your internet speed. http://www.speedtest.net/ Are there any other people who use your network? What is your Ping when freezes happen?

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