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Arty requests for the next game/iteration.

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Enemy troop formations should not be able to block my artillery from shooting their artillery. As I've switched from playing primarily single player to primarily multiplayer, I've learned that putting a sacrificial infantry unit in front of your artillery is common and effective. While it does impact friendly LOS as well, people have learned formations that still allow them to be effective while return fire is difficult if not impossible in some situations.


I'd like the LOS checker for artillery to completely ignore enemy units in checking to see if it has LOS to a target. I don't mind infantry LOS for shooting being blocked by hostiles because that makes sense; let them work for their arty kills.


My other arty related suggestion is that if arty is LOS blocked from shooting its preferred target by a friendly unit, it should cycle through other available targets until it finds something it can shoot.

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I would add that arty should not be able to continuously fire back on an infantry unit that is charging it.


Edit clarification: when an infantry unit charges arty, it looks like it's engaged but then the arty unit miraculously fires even though its 50 men are surrounded by 1500 screaming lunatics.

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