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Tribunal reform

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Tribunal reform


Due to the amount of reports lately in the tribunal section, a small reform has been made.

As of today a new rule is implemented for the tribunal section.


You can only reply to tribunal threads if you are:

-The reported

-The reporter

-Someone with additional proof and/or information.


It is essential that any claims made are backed up with evidence. Tribunals are a serious matter so try to document the claim with as detailed information as possible. Screenshots, chat logs, or best case video are most welcome.

In time, either a moderator or a dev will jump by and address the topic. Keep in mind that it may take some time to generate a (final) ruling.


Posts that are off topic will be removed without hesitation.


Thank you for your effort in keeping the community up to standard!


For information about how/where to report things, click this link:


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