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The updated 'How to tribunal'

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Due to the amount of reports lately, i figured it was time to create a short guide on where to report issues.

Although the tribunal seems the most obvious place to report them, there are more efficient ways for certain problems:



1) Chat bans   -  http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/11476-access-to-chat-limited/


In this topic you can post in the following format:

I can't access the ingame chat and i would like to know why i was restricted.

Ingame nickname: SteelSandwich


You provide this information, in this format, and you will be contacted by Ink with the explaination.



2) Chat Insults   -  Report ingame (right click name and select report)


3) Toxic behavior   -  Report ingame (right click name and select report)


4) Game breaking exploit found by yourself   -  F11-bug report (just press 'F11' ingame)


Besides an F11-bug report, also PM a forum moderator. This ensures fast reaction and a timely sollution.


5) Other people exploiting/Damage farming   -  Screenshots + Tribunal topic


6) Griefing   -  Screenshots + Tribunal topic


7) Scammers   -  Currently condoned pending mechanics to follow later


8) Green on green   -  Screenshots/video + tribunal topic


9) Inappropriate clan names/clan tags   -  F11-bug report (use the name: "Clan Tag abuse")





Some additional information regarding tribunal:


What is tribunal?

It is a section of the forum where the community can bring forward cases showing players exploiting/un-sportmanshiplike behavior/players of low moral standing/etc.


Who judges?

Un-involved moderators will in combined efforts with the Devs discuss and judge the situation.


The final decision lies with the admin.


What does a tribunal topic need?

Remember when posting a topic, most people have no clue what occurred and you are the first outlet from whom they hear about it.

As such, try to explain to the best of your ability what has happened.


Include clearly:

1) What happened

2) Who did it

3) What did he/she do specifically (the accusation ; Griefing? Damage farming?)


Thank you for your effort in keeping the community up to standard!

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