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  1. This is one of the few game that allows for MW and the enemy AI takes it into consideration. Great game, very realistic when it comes to troop movement and very unique. Napoleon would have loved that game.
  2. This is true. As soon as I unlocked the Surprised, the Tricom., the Const. and the Bellona came back into my ownership.
  3. Good call, it looked like it could set a ship on fire or damage the wood all around and maybe the vibration would disloge nails!...Annoying when planks unbend on a wooden ship!
  4. I have cleared the Privater and am clearing the brig and Navybrig.
  5. I had to go away for a while and just came back today. I used to own ships from the list starting with Yacht, Lynx, Cutter, Privateer, Brig, NavyBrig, Surprise, Triconmalee, Constitution. I have stats proving it. Today I am only left with a list going up to Privateer. What happened?...New rules?...Someone hacked into my account and stole my ships?...Any technical explanations to help understand?... Thank you in advance.
  6. The second paragraph of your post makes much more sense to me. Thank you.
  7. War Thunder was ultimately ruined by their owners, not by the gamers!...
  8. If you take away everything that could be used to grief against players of your team, there is not much that could be left to play with. Reminds me of those laws made to prevent of few form wrong doing which incidentally deprave a lot more that would not do anything wrong, from their freedom!...
  9. Protecting player against it!...If someone steal your wind, you can change bearing, or let the thief pass you by, so you recover full wind!...I am puzzled about the answer! Anyway, thank you for the info!
  10. Well, you can hear if they are re-loaded or not when you are close enough by listening to the whistle signal from their ships and based on the direction of the wind. Of course, if you know how to identify them (they seem to be international at this point), you will know fairly easily what is going on in their ship without any other form of help. I would assume, the creators of the game, did not place those whistle signals just for the sake of authenticity alone, they might also be used to your advantage.
  11. I am sure this feature is implemented, yet I did not observe it, or if it will be. When a ship passes behind another within a certain distance, cutting a proportion of their wind supply, the ship that has its wind supply decreased, naturally decreases speed. This is something sailors do to each others in regatta before passing a competitor, to slow down the ship they want to pass. I know it under the name "stealing the wind". This dynamic is explained in details in a 2003 movie called "WIND" directed by Caroll Ballard. Does anyone know?
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