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  1. I wouldn't say its "solved", more like a work around. Do you plan to try to fix it so customers are NOT bouncing back and forth on the resolution? You have 4k settings in your menu, yet it's not properly implemented.
  2. I just changed the resolution on the 2nd monitor to 1920x1080. Works great! However, switching back to 4k, it minimizes back to the tool bar and will not produce the game menu. There is definitely something wrong with running in 4k. It works during the first install, then will not work when returning.
  3. This seems very similar to my problem and my only change since the last update was I updated my displays to 4k. You by chance running 4k?
  4. I spoke too soon, its not working again. I am also running it on a dual monitor setup, both in 4k resolution. Thoughts?
  5. It seems to have fixed it, though kinda sucks I must start all the missions over....lol Thanks for the assist.
  6. Hello all, Had this gem since almost the beginning, with no issues on my former laptop. Recently, I upgraded to a 17" 4k laptop with an additional 4k monitor. I see the display options in the install menu and can even get it to work the first time. However, once I exit and try to run it again, I get a minimized tray icon, one display has the UAD tray icon, the other monitor shows the Xsolla logo. Ultimately when I run my mouse over the minimized icon, I can see the menu window, but no matter what I do, I cannot get the menu window to appear on either of the monitor screens to either update or play. I have indeed uninstalled and reinstalled, as its the only way to get the menu window to work at least once. Suggestions? VR, Matt
  7. All, I have thoroughly enjoyed the early access thus far, sans the occasional freeze up. I had updated this as updates were released, but today, I got the following message attached below. I un-installed the game, re-downloaded the app and nothing gets me logged back into the early access game. What am I doing wrong? Best regards, Matt
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