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  1. Thats some delicious cheese. Nothing beats free as it is currently, but I have to keep that in mind IF it gets fixed. _________ No bug, but I just did first fleet battle. Not the largest in size I had ever by a large margin but it was over 40 ships on both sides combined ..... and the framerate was suprisingly and pleasantly steady. I have to see it again in another battle because a large part of their TBs showed up late (again, fuel shortage) but so far this looked really good. Some small stutters but it was like for a split second and then steady again and rare. Also had some cruiser clashes where both sides started close (but not too close) to each other. I really liked the starting positioning of those battles. Also the AI didnt just run away (yet), so that helped as well.
  2. First battle of the campaign, 1 of 2 defending light cruisers was frozen or stuck while the other functioned normally. After closing and starting the game again, both cruiser would move in the same battle. I didnt leave battle previously, as mentioned in the other thread, as this was literally the first battle of the campaign.
  3. A bigger citadel costs more money ....... on a torpedo boat ... with no citadel or amor. 🙃 I was experimenting while designing an export version torpedo boat for the Ottomans. Inspired by WWI german torpedo boats I wanted to try more launchers that could fire even ahead but with no reloads, instead relying on turning around an delivering another salvo US WWI DD style. Same ship, ofc barely any equipment on it as I was starting and then tearing everything off because the numbers didnt make sense. And now its cheaper because the "citadel" is shorter.
  4. Another thing is that during peace time there is little incentive to keep an active navy as there is nothing for them to do (whilst the AI runs aorund and is perpetually low on fuel). I previously kept them at in beeing/limited because mothballing was so tedious but with that new button.... As I was looking wheter I could afford doubling my fleet in preparation for a war, I wanted to check the present cost but apparently mothballed ships are free of upkeep: This was it looks in the fleet screen: Should be less than 2 millions, not that bad honestly. But here its nothing, note: 20,3 + 45,7 + 5,0 +0,1 is that 71,1 (or 72,2 ofc without the ~). Considering the navy budget of 84 thats should leave me with 13 surplus and sure enough: Good knews: I can basically hide from footing the bill for ships during peace time.
  5. Italian early Battleship on a 1890s start: If you try to change the armor value of the conning tower AFTER placing it will allow only for max. 2,6 " of armor (owing to the minimal tower) which is just not acceptable on a battleship. If you delete the towers, then place a value of lets say 11 " and then add the tower the game accepts it. Might work with other hamstrung towers as well. I sure hope the AI doesnt run constantly away still.... €: Same hull: I cant place a funnel in the big empty space behind the big mast in the middle, but I can place a funnel AROUND the mast so it looks like the mast is sprouting out of the funnel. Not complaining too much tough, as I can have my 1890s 22 knts battleship so the AI can suck it when again constanly running away.
  6. Sadly nothing about any AI fixes but I tried quickly from the previous save: Played 2 turns: 5 battles the AI just run away including one where it was 2 DDs + 1 TB against a sole DD of mine. All DDs were largely similar with massive AI advantage. I autoresolved 2 battles because I Knew the AI would run, so technically thats 7. Of the 5 battles in which the AI just run away, it was short on fuel in 1 and thus I was able to run them down and sink them. They didnt even try to manouver or use their torpedoes or do anything really as I closed in to get good accuracy but get shot to pieces. That was they even had a CL, altough damaged. The fuel mechanic would be one of the things I wouldnt mind the AI heavily cheating if not for the fact its basically the only way to force a fight (and if a ship thats massivly slower than yours anyway, so one isnt staring at a blank screen for half an hour)...... And a single battle the AI actually fought. And I dont know why. A CA + DD against 2 CLs and 1 DD. Here I actually had the advantage. Was even kinda fun. But yeah. AI doesnt work. Waiting for the next patch.
  7. Something that irks me as imersion breaking is that during a brutal storm all ships are slowed, which is fine ofc. But lets say a torpedo boat is still doing quite high speeds! While, if you look at that thing, anyhting but something like 8 knts and going into the waves should result in a smashed TB and the crew swept overboard. Likewise a (much lighter) CL at and a BC that are otherwise of the same design speed should be no contest: The BC easily runs the CL down in a storm. This has been, to a lesser degree, eben been the case between, lets say, frigates and ships of the line during the Age of Sail. ___ The biggest flaw is still the broken AI. I played at least 10 battles today. Result: A lot of Transports sunk that the AI abandoned. Lots of staring at loading screens, oh and a lone TB sunk that I ran down by staring 10 minutes at blue water. AI never engaged. Most battles ended without even making contact (apart from the transports in raid battles) This refused to engage! I am sending lone DDs out in the hopes of running into enough enemys that the AI wants to engage, but it just doesnt. Honestly reached my breaking point and done for the today and probably with this patch. The AI has to improve. Pics of the Ships are in the quote. Its a what if game. And honestly just charging in with max. sonar/hydro DDs as bait, preferably angled to one side, unleashing torp salvoes of my own and then moving in with the lumbering BBs who are in the back natrually. Back to the what if game: This is just one of the sketches from reality. Based on what ifs and non existent facts of reality that dont happen ingame (like the naval treaties) its "reasonable" for these abominatons to actually apear. Scale them to the later game and 50 tubes is entirely "reasonable". 🤣🙃 Its been requested alot from what I remember, never hapened tough. Probably the engine croaking if someone during a QF-era duel with dozens of ships cranks up the multiplier. However, yes, sitting and staring at a blue screen for 20 minutes in the vague hopes of chasing the AI down ist litterally the AI utilising the tactic of outboring the human player. Ofc I would support free and higher multiplier instead blankly staring at the screen which is as fun as waiting for the bus .... That said, I remember this having a 4096 time multiplier..... Brought it up on the page before and also waited a little after you post. Considering there were 2 updated since, I guess it
  8. Yet again. AI cowardice is a big problem of the game. I constantly see the AI just running away. €: The only way to get the AI even remotely to fight is to herd them with faster destroyers, because then they ignore everything but that DD, or just assign ships on single patrol and hope an battle of 1 vs multiple is generated. So trying to get the same desroyer ( the Menancing Principal Lesbian) these are battles I have to aim for in order for the AI and do baltte with just maneuvering to avoid being torpedoed instead of full and only running away: ________ btw: The Kaislerlanta (I accept the name @killjoy1941) is perfectly balanced🙄. Complete roadkills everything Cruiser and below. Even reliabliy sinks Predreadnaughts - just takes a while because of their armor. However throwing one of those cruisers against squadron an hoping a battle to be generated is one of the few ways to generate a fight .....
  9. The explanaton is much apreciated because the ingame help doesnt mention this AT ALL .
  10. FML! Not only did that army of 16 hundreds win against a fleet of several TEN THOUSANDS in the fleet alone, no they also double their garrison doing it. Like god damn, according to this game Japan could have easily held their islands and Guadalcanal all the way to Iwo Jima was a doomed campaign. Related: Probably less dramatic but honestly still pissed.^^
  11. Anyway I came here with an issue completely different. I had entered an Alliance with germany in anticipation of a war with france. After taking some colonial possesions and Corsica, the French had launched their great offensive on southern Germany and I was in the perfect position to take Southern Spain, which I forced to collapses (and only Re-Emerged recently as 1 province Northern Spain). Basically just as planed and engineered. The Situation: France has roughly 740k soldiers as per: 640 k of which are in Northern France as per: And only 1600!!! Soldiers are in Southern Spain. Also please do note that their fleet sits firmly on the bottom and their merchant fleet is constantly getting anhilated. In the 3 adjecent provinces are another 10k soldiers as combined as garrison. So I call heavily BS and Bug on this. The Game literally demands a 107 Tons! of Ships per Soldier in garrison. This is asinine and has to be a bug. They could just literally deploy the armed crew as Marines and overrun that shitty garrision, let alone a full landing supported by the fleets guns. And no, doesnt count as Leonidas never had to deal with quick firing naval heavy atrillery guns.
  12. Ah, ok its a new pic now, makes sense. 5 x 2 8" Broadside. Same as IJN Myoko, laid down 1924 ......... The game is not modded. Only thing I run is Re-Shade from O'Baro (sorry for butchering your name mate). I dont know of any way to proof that. However I did send (and post, obviously) this asking whether thats a exploit and not intended or just some mild cheese. If it was modded and I was therefore wasting the devs and Nick Tomadis time, I fully expect to be called out on that. So maybe that can substitute as proof.
  13. I agree. You need to have some tech + rangefinder to get even any value out of battleship. Otherwise a light/heavy cruiser equipded with tripple-magic*1) 2,9" and torpedoes are way better in suvivability/cost/firepower. Or a throwayway 200 ts TB that sinks said BB. I am usually very conservative until I just play around a little in the designer altough I rarely build ships if I dont like them because they are immersion breaking or otherwise. *1) 2,9" guns + max barrel lenght are triple magic because: Fistly they profit immensly from the stattboost of going 2,9 " and the barrell lenght. Second: They get updated first. 8 " guns are single magic but get updated last and that sucks. Thirdly: At the beginning of the game a 2,9 " Inch gun is generally enough to devastate anything including cruisers with high RoF and Magic accuracy from points 1+2. Battleship get burned down because nose fuze and Gun Cotton are basically instantly available. ________ Running away is still a huge issue. The battle generator will creat seemingly even or at least acceptable fights. And beeing the human player I can usually destroy even vastly stronger fleet. The AI however just runs and this time I will ilustrate that its not kiting me at its effective gunrange. Let check the circumstances: Both cruiser are kinde equal. From my experience cost is what the game is looking for, and tonnage. This particualy cruiser is extremly overweight and thus particulary expensive but its not leagues apart. I have way better armor but their 6", 5", and close 4" guns can easly hurt me. They have shit armor and all my guns can do somehting. So sure, the AI could try to kite (witch is not the same as running) However, its defending a convoy and its slower than my raider, so it technically cant get away unless the game out-bores me to quit the battle early or it scores some damage to slow me down. After meerly just an 1h and 10 minutes mostly spend on limited fast forward between 5x and 10x and thus more like 20!!!! Minutes real time, I finally find the running AI, which didnt yet spot me but ofc ran away, altough it technically cant because its slower. Aftter precisly 1h 10 min it finally spots me. No manuevering still just keeps running. The ship was completely undamaged too, altough my chasing cruiser just landed a hit ..... So please can we put the myth to rest that the AI is trying to keep at effective gun range when it runs straight from beginning on escort missions, form fights it cant technically escape by just pointing its ass at the problem in hopes of frustrating the player enough (because no one will be willing to stare regularly for 30 minutes at an empty screen at 5x speed to sink 1 cruiser) till he quits.
  14. Can you give me a nation, it dont know them all by heart but usually you can jury rig something within the first 10 years. Thats a light cruiser 2 hull with early components (obviously I dont have mark 1 5" anymore) on a 3.400 ts displacement with a 3 " compound belt, 5 x 1 5" main battery an a supporting 3,5 " secondary battery with a torpedo complement and speed and range suitable for the first years/war. I usually dont build those, because its a little immersion breaking to build a what feels like a Danae in the 1890s ....... unless its for the lulz because I feel like it. I am not a native speaker but a dreadnought style cruiser is literally a Battlecruiser. Taking Gen 1 british BC: You take a armored cruiser hull, slap battleship guns on it, give it enough armor to withstand contemporary armored cruisers guns (with they are expected to hunt) and nothing more, and then make them fast enough to hunt said cruisers. German battlecruisers were expected to stand in the battle line, hence more armor. Japan -> see british. USA > none/see british for Lexington/Alaskas are WWII. etc. It doesnt make sense to have these ships appear before dreadnought battleships. Its also why then nobody built armored cruisers anymore (broadly speaking) which coudnt stand up to battlecruiser or battleships ........ or run away from them. A modern heavy cruiser is something different and still looks very WW1 like in the 1920s: 6 x 1 7,9". And they can outrun those early Battlecruisers. Hell, even 28 knts Deutschlands could outrun enough of the old BCs (except Hood, Repulse, etc). However these very modern for the time cruiser were ...... shit. If you want speed and firepower you quickly ran out displacement for protection. Thats a rather modern (for that time) 1920s fast french heavy cruiser execpt ..... is has hello kittyall armor! At 30 mm (in places and nothing everywhere else!) even a destroyer can magazine this POS at battle range. Pensacolas, Furotaka etc while better armored than this, nobody would say they were well protected. In Fighting Steel I often had my IJN heavy cruisers with 0-1 turrets left because of that garbage 25 mm armor ... splinter catcher ... parasol canvas on the turrets. So lets recap: You want big guns, numerous guns, speed and protection on a cruiser hull and all that early? I'd say, historically speaking, more than 2 of those are fantasy land early game.
  15. Not an issue. Austro hungaria literally starts with this hull. I used starting components and litterally threw togehter this hull. There are some compromises, but I think no one expects an ship you probalby can build at the start to be a full on battle cruiser.
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