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  1. Literally had the same issue a while back. Tried basically everything there is to try when hunting subs. It seems to be tied to this exact region of ocean, when a hostile submarine group tries to dock at Muscat, and winds up just sitting outside the port forever b/c it feel into enemy hands. Pretty sure all you can do is wait at this point. Sucks to suck, I guess. Same issue occurring in pretty much the exact same spot. Doubt it's coincidence.
  2. Got some feedback here with regards to both campaign AI and battle AI. Got tasked with invading Madeira, and had to fight the Portuguese fleet stationed there. Which, for some reason, is larger than the Japanese, Chinese, and Soviet navies put together. I had no idea the Portuguese government was willing to spend so much on their navy, let alone afford so many ships. However, they proved unable to command such a fleet, as they assumed a massive, and quite dense, battle blob, which caused a large portion of the fleet screen to be destroyed whilst unspotted, as they were incidentally hit by shells that miss the capital ships they were actually aimed at. Despite there being so many TBs and DDs, they never elected to undertake a mass torpedo assault in support of the battleship engagement, with some DDs actually breaking off to try to chase down my own DDs... Who, having dumped their torpedos into the massive blob of hostile shipping, had already begun the journey back home, as they could not safely engage such a large formation in a gunnery exchange. The capital ships were dealt with rather quickly, as they were mostly obsolete American dreadnoughts, with a couple of first generation fast battleships in the mix. This left the still massive fleet screen with nothing left to escort, so the logical mover would be to launch their overwhelming torpedo assault now, since apparently they had a good reason for not doing so earlier. Instead, they sailed around in circles at about 25 km, letting themselves get picked off one by one, which made a nice bit of target practice for my gunnery crews. The result was the complete inverse of what the numbers at the beginning of the engagement would have suggested. In just under 2 hours, the Portuguese armed forces suffered more casualties in a single battle than it did during the entire First World War. The take-aways from this incident must be clear: The AI of minor nations, like the AI of the playable great powers, must be able to scrap obsolete ships while purchasing modern vessels, and the battle AI needs to improve the way it handles massive formations. Realistically, this battle should have been a hard fought Portuguese victory at worst, not one of the darkest days in Portuguese history.
  3. I've got some quick feedback regarding submarines here. Specifically regarding the exploits of the Royal Navy submarine E7. That's her, right there. Surrounded by 3 taskforces who sole purpose of being in this region is to sink E7. 8 M Class light cruisers, who boast a staggering 600 recon value and almost 3,300 ASW, backed up by 4 destroyers, which have a slightly more modest 325 recon and 1600 ASW. In the face of such overwhelming force, the 330 ton submarine should have been hunted down and destroyed within a month of these taskforces arriving to protect German shipping, but alas... Every single month, For The Past Year, E7 has somehow managed to evade my forces and strike out against Somehow Undefended convoys. Either the captain of E7 has made a deal with Cthulhu, or submarines aren't working as they should. Also, I recall there being a poll about whether or not submarines and mines should be removed from the game, and there was an option to leave the choice to the player when they start the campaign, so that those who didn't want to play with these assets didn't have to. Is that going to be implemented at any point, or am I just going to have to grin and bear? Update: Finally caught her. Still, It Took About 4 and a Half YEARS To Hunt Down a Single Sub. And, if the tooltip here is anything to go by, E7 was only caught and destroyed because she pushed her luck too far. If she hadn't committed suicide by Kriegsmarine, this song and dance might have lasted several more months. There needs to be a better way to hunt down subs rather than simply waiting for them to fall on their swords.
  4. I think what Gregg means is a way to block updates without withdrawing from the beta. Doing what you suggested would cause steam to download the version of the game, which is almost certainly incompatible with 1.4 beta saves. Given that players can sink a dozen or more hours into a single campaign, it makes sense that they would want to see each one to conclusion, and not have them thrown out because of an update. While saves do sometimes need to be wiped during a beta, players should still have the opportunity to finish the campaigns they want to finish, and it should be simple to do so in game.
  5. Seems there's still some issues to iron out with troop numbers during land battles. A report from the front, if you will. Summer, 1902, The German Imperial Army's advance into Slovakia has proven costly for both sides. Despite the brutality of the combat through the region, the fighting spirit of the men on both sides remains unbroken. So Much So That Troops On Both Sides Have Overcome Death To Continue The Fight. One can only speculate as to the physical state of these undying soldiers, but I'm not sure their wives will be too happy to see them when they return from the front anymore... Seriously though, the troop counts need a bit of fleshing out. If reinforcements are being sent to the region to help, that should be reflected in the tooltip. A better tooltip might include two categories for each party: "Active Troops" and "Losses."
  6. Just enough to block HE often correlates with just enough to arm the fuse on an AP shell, no real good solution on what is the best amount of armor Citadel athwartships NEED to be added into the game. I'm honestly not sure why they haven't been added yet, and if they are in the game, there's no way in hell they're working properly. It feels like we're protecting our citadels with an armored corridor with only 4 sides rather than the armored box with 6 sides almost every ship in history actually used.
  7. Slight issue which has dragged on for quite some time at this point: Having to fight soldiers of countries you aren't at war with. E.G. French invasion of Spanish Western Sahara. 2 things are worth noting. 1. Over 21,000 British troops are present to assist the Spanish and Soviets (who somehow teleported ~1,700 comrades to the Sahara) Despite Not Being At War With France. 2. The Japanese, who are allied to the French, have also committed troops to the invasion, Despite Not Being At War With Spain. But wait! It gets worse. As I said, Japan is allied to France, but they're Also Allied To The British. The Japanese are actively killing soldiers of a nation that is supposed to be their ally. And we're not done yet, of course. Further South, my army is invading British Upper Volta. It's not going particularly great, and, like my French counterparts, I'm fighting soldiers of nations I'm not at war with... Including the Japanese. Which means the Japanese are fighting alongside the British in one theater and fighting against them in another. What The F***?
  8. Neither Austrian nor Hungarian Empire scenario Again. Completely separate to the ghost soldier issue, can we please address this issue as well? It seems like whenever AH gets its ass kicked (which is still pretty often, it would seem) it's always Austria who's first to Declare Independence From The Empire They Established. That's Not How Empires Work. This is like England declaring independence from the United Kingdom, Prussia declaring independence from Germany, or Russia declaring independence from the Soviet Union. From a historic point of view, this is completely nonsensical, and should not be allowed to happen in game. An empire's core territory and ruling people should remain loyal to the empire to the bitter end, as loyalty to the empire is loyalty to themselves. It should be Czechs, Croatians, or maybe even Hungarians who are the first to say "F*** Austria," not the Austrians themselves, same as it was the colonies of the British Empire who were the first to say "F*** Britain" instead of the Brits themselves.
  9. AI still needs some help with range management. (And a few other things...) DKS Konig here was charged with defending a convoy. However, instead of doing that, she decided to run away from 2 USN CB's sent to destroy said convoy. However, there were 2 main problems with this decision. First, she's slower than the USN cruisers that are now tailing her, with the convoy having been destroyed in rather short order. So, unless she can manage cripple both ships, she won't be able to out-run them to safety. Second, she has shorter range guns than the CB's, with a max range of only 20.1km, as opposed to the CB's 45.8km, meaning that the CB's are going to be firing at her pretty much the whole time as the range closes. Now that the range is close enough for her to open fire, 44% of her crew is dead, one of the rear guns has been knocked out, with the other moderately damaged by enemy fire. As far as the game is concerned She Has Only Just Entered This Fight, But Is Already On Death's Door. Konig can only take a handful of casualties before she surrenders, and has to deal with 2 intact CB's. The Only Way For Her To Run Away Is To Sink Or Disable Her Pursuers. This Has Been The Case From The Start Of The Battle, But Now That She's Actually Trying To Do That, It's Too Little, Too Late.
  10. Range finding is completely broken at the moment it seems. Inflicted over 8,000 casualties in under 24 minutes despite 16" guns having a 64 second reload, because they landed multiple hits with every salvo, including the first one. I can snipe DD's and CL's going full speed at 15km away with the first salvo fired at them because of the magical "Range Found" accuracy buff Nevada just switched targets, but is going to take her first salvo at an enemy 19km away w/ a 2,900% accuracy buff because of magical USN range finders How are you supposed to counter this? No amount of speed, damage instability, or bad weather can offset that much of an accuracy buff, and if you don't have the armor to survive the impact, that's it, game over. There's no point in building anything but fast battleships at this point because everything else is just going to die instantly to heavy capital ship grade shells fired from outside the range of whatever guns you put on your cruiser or DD.
  11. I always do, but that doesn't change the fact that the AI is still running around with units that should have been decommissioned a solid decade before they would be destroyed in combat. Also, I feel like they should update the French historical AI to accept that the Jeune Ecole didn't work, and start building more BB's/BC's in the 1920's rather than just spamming cruisers and torpedo craft and make it so that the Brits actually bother to research Big Guns rather than using the same outdated Mk.1 guns into the mid/late game
  12. This actually might be the case, as I've noticed that several nations have stopped scrapping ships in my current campaign. So if the AI is trying to go for a certain tonnage, then it will just keep obsolete units around to make up the numbers? That's got to be one of the worst ways to build and manage a fleet I've ever heard of. Fleet building should be based on a pre-defined plan, such as the 2 power standard for the UK or the 8-8 plan for Japan, rather than 3,000,000 tons of whatever crap you can find floating around in port, with no regard for actual usefulness.
  13. Can we PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF F*** make it so that the AI DOESN'T run when all running away does is delay the battle by several hours. This has been in the game on and off for what feels like forever, and it keeps coming back randomly. PLEASE, JUST GET RID OF IT ALREADY THERE IS NO POINT IN WAITING 3 F***ING HOURS TO FIGHT ONE DD ALL THIS DOES IS DELAY ONE DD DYING HORRIBLY BY 3 HOURS, IT DOESN'T CHANGE THE OUTCOME OF THE BATTLE
  14. AI still needs help scrapping ships it seems. The fact that they usually build 5 ships per turn, but can only scrap 3 per turn means that during long periods of peace, where they aren't suffering any ship losses due to combat, they will accumulate a massive back-log of ships that need to be scrapped, but won't be scrapped for years to come. Raising the number of ships that can be scrapped to 4 will help mitigate this issue, while raising it to 5 will allow the AI to maintain numbers while gradually modernizing its fleet, rather than having obsolete "Sink By Themselves Squadrons" running around in quite theaters, waiting to be picked off by modern player ships. E.G. 1930's engagement off the cost of New England between RN cruiser squadron and a single USN BC: Squadron was a mix of 1 modernish CA backed up by obsolete CL's, while DD's were somewhere in the middle. Oldest unit was HMS Melbourne, which probably should have been scrapped around 1925, but is currently seeing action in 1932. She is, in short, a floating coffin for over 500 British sailors. Her opponent is USS Iowa Yorktown-class battlecruiser USS Ranger. HMS Melbourne has no business tangling with the current generation of USN CL's, let alone anything larger. If the British squadron consisted solely of modern cruisers and destroyers, then they might stand a chance at dealing significant damage, if not outright sinking a modern BC, and living to fight another day. Instead, the only real threat Ranger has to deal with is the one modern CA, a fight she can very easily win. The rest of the British squadron is just cannon fodder.
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