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  1. Would be cool also to have the red flag with «La République». In fact, before Lamartine made his famous speech for the adoption of the bleu white red flag, upon the red flag, the red flag was a widely used flag during the battles of the revolution. It would be nice to add this piece of history for the French flags !
  2. Ce serait bien aussi que pour le pavillon bleu blanc rouge, les dimensions soient les bonnes !! would be nice that for the French naval flag, the dimensions are the true ones !! Cause even the basic national naval flag is not at the good dimension and this is a very deep lack of respect from the game developers to our nation. EVEN THE COLOURS ARE NOT BEING RESPECTE! THIS IS A DARK BLUE ! AND THE RED IS A BLOODY RED. EVEN THE BLUE and THE RED OF THE FRENCH FLAG IN-GAME HAS NOT THE GOOD COLOURS ! peace ❤️ « Pavillon français utilisé par la marine nationale (répartition des
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