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  1. I got back into the game hoping that, after a few months away, maybe the bugs I kept encountering previously will have been fixed, but they haven't. Anyway, I started wondering if maybe it wasn't the game, and maybe it was me misunderstanding what I'm supposed to be doing. So let me describe what happened in two battles I played, and y'all can tell me if it's the game or me that's causing these problems. I set up a battle in 1920 between the US and Japan with 5 BBs, 3 CAs, 2 CLs, and 7 DDs on each side. I didn't get any warning about it being too many ships, and after designing my BBs I s
  2. I just jumped back into the game for the first time in weeks to see if the problems I mentioned in my previous comment (and by @coalminer more recently) had been fixed. Nope. I set up a battle of 5v5 with BCs, and it started me with four in a div and one alone. I attached the lone one to the division, but it just wandered off for a while. Once it finally decided to start vaguely following the rest of the column, it just crabbed its way along at very low speed. I also noticed that, while my flagship was moving at full speed, the next three were following its track, but at much lower speeds so t
  3. I just jumped in and played a few battles for the first time since the patch went live. In all the battles I played each team had five ships of the same type. As usual, I spawned in with them in two divisions, one with two ships and the other with three. As usual, I merged them into a single battle line. Before the patch, they would typically find their way into line reasonably quickly (albeit with a bit of bumping), and we'd be off. In all of today's battles, however, the division which was supposed to fall in at the back would seem to make little effort to get there for a good while. Al
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