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  1. No. You are saying that. I have made an attempt to correct your misunderstanding and will go no further than that since it is difficult to discern if you are in fact confused or just engaging in bad faith argumentation. You have failed to engage with one single point i've made other than the TDS issue which you are either unable or unwilling get past. I no longer care which. I would like it very much if you would leave the topic please. You are being disruptive.
  2. I like RTW but it's a good example to highlight how problematic the ship-designer stuff can become. You generally don't see really outrageous or exploitive stuff in RTW but that's because the ship-designer is so nerfed. Wanna design a Panzerschiffe? Good luck because the game is going to classify it as a BC and then hit you with artificial penalties left and right for turret configurations and protection... RTW chose to heavily penalize out-of-class-parameter conditions in order to prevent the normalization of really egregiously weird designs. I think that was a necessary solution but the
  3. I think you're having an issue processing what I mean by point of pivot which is an irresponsible jargon on my part. Airplanes were a new consideration for Battleship design heading into the post-Great War decades is what I mean by this. The TDS could be a concession of precious weight allowance to the airplane as it was to the submarine in this time. It could be a consideration of plunging shell fire. It could be here for lots of reasons, not just gunfire. The threat posed by the torpedo-carrying Destroyer and Torpedo-Boat were easy enough to solve by just increasing battle ranges outside the
  4. Bingo. There's a lot of design features appearing in the game, like the DP gun...that have only half their context so far. I have no problem with the Fast Battleship being in the game, but i'm concerned that without the need to consider the threat environments they were planned to exist in they'll become a balancing nightmare. Think about all of the tonnage, form drag, and complexity involved with new Torpedo Defense Systems that became standard on the Fast Battleship. This system in fact became so necessary that it became compulsive to retrofit onto old Battleships. I've left out an imp
  5. Hood is an interesting example here because she was extensively modified during her career to accommodate an anti-aircraft configuration that was not originally planned for. One might call that a major design concession especially considering the consequences that change had on what was otherwise a perfectly sound protection scheme for the ship. Whether designed keel up or not the airplane was having an influence on design, the Americans also felt compelled to conduct expensive rebuilds of the Standard Type Battleships part of which was influenced by the need to improve their minimal anti-airc
  6. Castles of Steel should be read with a lot of scrutiny, it leaves out heaps of the war and makes numerous errors in descriptions of German ships. Massie tries too hard to fit personalities and figures in the Royal Navy into an over-simplistic Manichean tale of smart, competent, 'good' men challenged to do a better job prosecuting the war or even sabotaged by dastardly self-promoting egotists. The Kaiser is portrayed like a cynical cartoon villain, and the German Navy's conduct is always cast under this salacious light. He valorizes John Jellicoe too much, and looks for every opportunity
  7. At one point or another the Americans engaged in a serious design study as to the feasibility of a Torpedo Battleship as attached. Oh dear....
  8. So i'm really looking forward to the game's full release, and have already been pleasantly surprised by a lot of the game's features. The ship designer especially, normally a major weak-point in these games, was clearly planned out by someone who's done some major homework on the subject. Just about every major soft and hard factor impacting warship design from a statistical standpoint has been accounted for and that's great. When this game is released it's already in shape to be a good alternative to its competitors in the Naval-Wargaming world (which there are admittedly few of.) Howe
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