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  1. Japan 51 cm/45 (20.1") "A" Type 98 (?) - NavWeaps The bursting charge of the 20 inch HE shell intended for the A-150 'Super Yamato' would have been 84kg. Not... hundreds of kg. There are actual data and formulae on how much armor is required to defeat an HE shell. Okun Resource - Miscellaneous Naval-Armor-Related Formulae - NavWeaps This formula suggests that a 20 inch nose-fused HE shell could, at most, assuming a point blank impact at 90 degrees at 2300 fps (basically muzzle velocity), blow a 20 inch hole in a 6.8 inch plate of STS homogeneous armor, and that a 8.16 inch
  2. The numbers are correct. They are shooting HE (yellow tracers), and HE has very low effective pen (only around 7 inches for 20 inch HE shells). If they were shooting AP we would see over 20 inches of effective pen, and they would get full penetrations against belt extended/deck extended. They are hitting my armor which has between 9.2 and 50 inches of effective armor, so averaged out among all the hits 27.7 inches of effective armor is realistic. On the other hand, against their ship, I am shooting 18 inch AP against relatively thin armor (and penetrating it), so I'm getting 22.8 inches o
  3. This is true historically... but it's not the way armor layouts work in the game. There is no upper belt, no torpedo bulkhead, no main deck and armored deck, no armored bulkheads - there is no citadel that conforms to the layout of your main armament - there is just a box... the middle 3 sections of your ship have whatever you specify as the 'deck' armor on top, and whatever you specify as the 'belt' armor on the sides. The outer 2 sections on either end have whatever you specify as the 'deck extended' on top, and whatever you specify as the 'extended belt' on the sides. This is always the cas
  4. It doesn't seem possible to protect a battleship adequately against guns larger than 17 inches. If you armor your ship sufficiently to resist AP, the AI will always shoot HE, and HE partial penetrations do significant damage, even against very thick armor. The partial penetration damage scales up rapidly with caliber, and once you're facing 20 inch guns, HE partial penetrations do so much damage they can knock out main battery guns that have 50 equivalent inches of armor plate, as well as damage engines behind similarly massive main belts. In this scenario, the enemy super-battleship has
  5. The easiest way I've found is to start the battle (you can do this as long as your ship meets the minimum requirements), and then look at the ship's diagram. As previously mentioned, the center three sections are covered by the belt. I have found that there are a few hulls where you can actually make a pretty decent AON ship. The Japanese Large Cruiser is one of those - it has more flexibility around superstructure placement than any other hull, and is very long for its actual displacement. The British N3/G3 hull is also viable due to the ability to place the secondary tower very far
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