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  1. Thank you most kindly Sir, i shall wait patiently and excited for final deployment
  2. Ah I see, thanks you for clearifcation Ink, I assume you cant make an estimation as to when exspect the steam key?
  3. Greetings dear Reader, First, yes i noticed the pinned Thread about missing link, and according to it i contacted Xsolla 24/7 Chat support. I am the proud owner of the Limited Access Version of UA:D and enjoy playing it on Xsolla launcher since a few months now. Now as UA:D is said to move to steam soon i have been waiting for my steam key since a while now , regulary checking my Spam folder, too. Yet nothing from Xsolla has arrived so i checked the forum a few times and contacted Xsolla now as mentioned above. The Xsolla Support told me, that the steam release is estiomated for Late Autumn and no Steam Key has been sent out. Since these are rather contradicting information to what is posted both here in the forum and on the UA:A Blog post i would like to ask for clearification Sincerly Warrior044
  4. Bug Report: Brittish Campaign-> Chapter 3 -> Landbattle defense of Savannah : At beginning of the Battle the Dialog Frame in the introduction remains empty British Campaign -> Chapter 2 and 3 -> In the Reports of passed missions/Battles as well as in some "Newspaper" reports character's name is replaced with " $player$ " British Campaign -> Overall Unit Behaviour -> Land battles : It happened few times that units which had been engaged in Melee run after the enemy like a beserk , ignoring all commands until they flee on their own (which opens uo your lines, inflicts heavy casulties on that unit and makes it uncommandable for a while) British Campaign -> Overall Unit Behaviour- > Landbattles : the 8 inch Mortar crew sometimes goes into chaos when being ordered to move, the carried mortars disapear and the unit's men spread over a large terrain and dont react to unit. dropping the guns allow normal command of the unit but once the men are ordered to pick up the mortars they become stuck again. Question: At some point one can research Supply Carts, still the supply units carry the supplies by hand and no new supply unit is unlocked. is that a bug or where can the crate being exchanged for a cart? Feedback: Removed BR in battles is really good, as it allows you to actually use any ship you had captured (which is often a tricky thing to manage in cases of ships of the Line). this rewards player who are able to manage their income (and prestige) proper and allows you to use big ships as your Flagships Suggestions: 1. Allow to create more Units on transport ships: In some situations it is more useful to have 3 Units with 100 Men than 1 Unit with 320. Transport ships offer only limited amount of Unit slots which limit the number of possible Units often more than the ships weight capacity. The Ability to "create" more unit slots on a Transport ship would allow a more flexible Unit composition while the weigh capacity of the ship would still limit the number of fighting men the very same way 2. Allow to create Marine units on Combat ships: I am for sure no exspert for naval warfare of the 17th and 18th century but i belief it would make sense that once one researches the unit Type "Marines" , that you can deploy units on larger ships like Frigattes, or Ships of the Line, allowing player to create destinct "Boarding Ships". If i am not misstaken, the British Royal Navy earned its glory to a good chunk to the fact that they were excellent at boarding and capturing enemy ships, and exploring their strenghts and weaknesses afterwards as well as copying anything useful. 3. Add Numbers on stats (either constant or hovering): Example being cannons where you get a graph about penetration and values for range damage and reload time, being able to click on that cannon type so the graph stays and hover over it and get the actual penetration values for the respective range displayed would help a lot to determine which kind of cannons is more effective and which distance. Same goes for different infantry Types like Fusiliers, Grenadiers and Marines, it would be most helpful to have some numbers on what the differences are. 4. Upgrades Part 1: Some ship upghrades are marked with WIP (which is all fine is early acess after all) but it would be most useful if you guys would write there if it is WIP (but useable) or just placeholder for the moment (and therefore without any effect) 5. Upgrades Part 2: Currently every ship has a number of upgrade slots, which are increased with the ship's size. I would recommend (or wish for) to instead change it to have different parts of the ship being upgradeable, so one could possible get all upgrade (if they arent mutual exclusive like different Hull types) but maybe each upgrade increases the costs (also bigger ships being more exspensive to buy upgrades for) this would balance the mechanic i belief and allow players to make more strategic decisions about upgrading their ships, improving them overall than "just" specializing them like one does with the Rank Upgrades. 6. Add a direct transfer of ship to ship (for crew/sailors). If one captures a Mighty ship of the Line i would love to transfer my crew from my 2-3 brigs to that ship and keep their exsperience or maybe even their rank level. Maybe with a litte loss of EXP cause of Crew not used to the ship type first. Currently(as it was mentioned to me) it possible to juggle crew to another ship using the reserve , which is a bit clunky but doable 7. Unit Type / Ship Upgrade: Sharpshooters . I belief exspecial the British Navy and the Spanish were famous for having highly skilled sharpshooters on platforms on the masts, exspecially on bigger ships. Being able to upgrade ships with such units which are able to fire with deadly accuracy on larger than usual ranges would be most useful wants to light the enemy ranks before boarding. 8. Add Ability to train Ship Crews and Land Units to gain EXP or special traits (like better boarding , more accuracy .etc) (which makes the Unit/Ship unavailable for a round and/or costs quite a bit of mones and/or prestige to balance)
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