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  1. Thank you most kindly Sir, i shall wait patiently and excited for final deployment
  2. Ah I see, thanks you for clearifcation Ink, I assume you cant make an estimation as to when exspect the steam key?
  3. Greetings dear Reader, First, yes i noticed the pinned Thread about missing link, and according to it i contacted Xsolla 24/7 Chat support. I am the proud owner of the Limited Access Version of UA:D and enjoy playing it on Xsolla launcher since a few months now. Now as UA:D is said to move to steam soon i have been waiting for my steam key since a while now , regulary checking my Spam folder, too. Yet nothing from Xsolla has arrived so i checked the forum a few times and contacted Xsolla now as mentioned above. The Xsolla Support told me, that the steam release is estiomated for Late
  4. Bug Report: Brittish Campaign-> Chapter 3 -> Landbattle defense of Savannah : At beginning of the Battle the Dialog Frame in the introduction remains empty British Campaign -> Chapter 2 and 3 -> In the Reports of passed missions/Battles as well as in some "Newspaper" reports character's name is replaced with " $player$ " British Campaign -> Overall Unit Behaviour -> Land battles : It happened few times that units which had been engaged in Melee run after the enemy like a beserk , ignoring all commands until they flee on their own (which opens uo your li
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