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  1. okay here are my thoughs about the campaign so far (after 5 playthroughs) The Campaign speed is okay, could be a bit faster while it is such barebone edition. I imagine later when you can do more than just wait for research and ship construction it will fit better. Currently starts are only 1890 and 1900, and the later only for the german Empire. i never got further than 6 years in the Campaign (in 5 playthroughs!) because eitehr my goverement or the enemy giverment forced an end by surrendering. You guys really need to get rid of the forced slow down of ships. i lost more than one ba
  2. I love this Game, the idea, the design, the gameplayy, the building, nearly everything is really cool exspecially for an Early alpha title.... But i admit, the really lacklustre communication of the Devs with the community really throw a stone in my face each and every time. The long times between updates are not even that much of a problem, but the lack of any information for months upon time really sucks ass. Would be great if they got themself an community manager (maybe even out of the community, i bet there are plenty who would do that even for free) to give us some regular updates on
  3. Thank you most kindly Sir, i shall wait patiently and excited for final deployment
  4. Ah I see, thanks you for clearifcation Ink, I assume you cant make an estimation as to when exspect the steam key?
  5. Greetings dear Reader, First, yes i noticed the pinned Thread about missing link, and according to it i contacted Xsolla 24/7 Chat support. I am the proud owner of the Limited Access Version of UA:D and enjoy playing it on Xsolla launcher since a few months now. Now as UA:D is said to move to steam soon i have been waiting for my steam key since a while now , regulary checking my Spam folder, too. Yet nothing from Xsolla has arrived so i checked the forum a few times and contacted Xsolla now as mentioned above. The Xsolla Support told me, that the steam release is estiomated for Late
  6. Bug Report: Brittish Campaign-> Chapter 3 -> Landbattle defense of Savannah : At beginning of the Battle the Dialog Frame in the introduction remains empty British Campaign -> Chapter 2 and 3 -> In the Reports of passed missions/Battles as well as in some "Newspaper" reports character's name is replaced with " $player$ " British Campaign -> Overall Unit Behaviour -> Land battles : It happened few times that units which had been engaged in Melee run after the enemy like a beserk , ignoring all commands until they flee on their own (which opens uo your li
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