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  1. Hi Ink, yes updated drivers. Game does work but waiting times at end of battles is something like 5 minutes. Game can be buggy at times even on lowest settings. I haven't had these problems in the past. thank you for your help.
  2. game either crashes or freezes. I have tried turning graphics down to low setting (had it on highest previously). Havent had this problem with any other missions so far
  3. played this battle about 7 times, not balanced. Tried more troops but can't hold the final point. Am giving up on the British. Will wait until the US campaign gets its next instalment.
  4. same problem - and reported it. Can't wait for the fix then I can move on enjoying a really good game.
  5. @Afghanicus I see what you did there 🙂
  6. ditto, sent bug report, thought I was going nuts (or crazier) but seems I'm not alone
  7. I have no idea what the problem is. I have never had this much trouble before and frankly I'm asking for my money back by the end of the day - my frustration at this fault is too much.
  8. since I really want to play this game and I am reasonably logical I try to recover the password since the system recognizes my email so it should be able send an email to recover pass word, but then this
  9. so since I already have an account..... according to the software I try to log in and guess what???
  10. this is what happens when I use "Create Account"
  11. thanks for the responses. I am stuck in the twilight zone. I have just tried creating an account but apparently I have one??? So I tried to recover the password (which I haven't created) but no email is sent to the email address, which is strange because I got emails when I purchased the game. So I can't create an account and I can't get emails from the account which apparently already exists. No emails in junk folder either. I am very annoyed and will probably just ask for a refund when all I want to do is play what looks to be an excellent game. Dreadnaughts on the o
  12. Hi I bought the Commodore edition. I can't use my existing password from Dreadnaughts and I can't get a confirmation email or make a new account??? Game is installed but I can't access it. Have looked at previous posts in the forum and this seems to be a common + frustrating problem. I have checked the junk email folders too with no joy. Please help - game looks awesome Best regards Robert
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