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  1. Dump crafting and economy altogether, focus on pvp on pvp server, far to much grinding to get into game as a new player, Economy should be as result of team actions . not grinding by solo players. Use same game model like IL-2 Great Battles. I have no problem investing in a game that's good (I have spend hundreds and countless hours on good games that I keep coming back to play and replay). No one likes to have to grind like in a free to pay game. Make economy about territory conquest by nations, more team focused as in the port battles is great as should be main focus and expanded upon (this is they way to go, group combat is far more fun). Mindless sailing is plain boring and not fun, and you have to do this to be able to afford anything or replace anything lost. Current economy is very tedious to build. This aspect of the game is not fun and will put off new players. For example resupply ports could be a great use of pvp and group combat.... (this type of thing is what game badly needs, just an idea for economy focused around combat) Sort out the documentation , is very poor and very dated, far to much "how does this work, what does this mean"? too hard to work out stuff currently.Don't make a game that's hard to get into, big no no for any game. Game has a lot of depth that is buried and confusing to work out. Lot of great potential in this game that's not done. Community is good, combat is good (when you are not ganked all the time) Try and think or perspective of someone who has never played this game, what do they need... will they enjoy lots of tedious sailing..., how easy is it to get going and find information on how to play (current, and not painful to hunt down that's outdated and virtually nothing from developer.) This game is not going to keep people playing , just a small number of hard cores , game needs more players, If I'm wrong numbers of players would be much higher. Selling DLC on an unpolished game is not a good idea, especially when some of it should be part of game. Aspects of this game are really good, just are not enough (to outweigh the tedious sailing , required to build your economy to keep me and other new players interested. I'll come back in 6 month and look again. With current model this game will die a slow death.
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