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  1. This is not thought as a promotional video. It's only to show gameplay and I have become some feedback from german players that intrested on the game. There are many people here wich not so good in english and they are happy that the video is in german.
  2. Showing the game in EA. Attention the video is in german. The video Shows my first impressions of the game. At the end there is a short conclusion to the current state
  3. It´s never too early. Most of the games i tranlated in Alpha stadium. But it´s ok you say if you´re want to start. We are here. Will show the game next days on my YT channel
  4. If there planned any translations, maybe the community can help. I offer my help for the german translation. So i think the devs will found more playeres around the world. I have worked on some community translations. If i can help please contact me.
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