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  1. Nice to see that the game is patched but i am finally out. All what i get is a black screen (see attachement) and no game. Have uninstalled, clened up the registry and all files... but nothing. Sad to say that but the money was for nothing. Maybe at the Early Access Release again.
  2. I have used the repair again and again. one time i came into the menu and the problem with "chose your resistance" (see screenshot above) . Then i cklick on "abandon and delete resistance" and nothing happens.
  3. So i tried everything but nothing will help. Everytime a new error. Now i am ingame but only a black screen after that the attached error. I give it up. 50 Euro for nothing. Will come back in Autumn when the game is in EA and maybe will work. Thankx for trying to help.
  4. So i uninstalled the game now completly and re-install it. Now i can start the game via launcher but everything what happens is that. I can click on every button but it happen nothing. I have to start the taskmanager and close the game
  5. no there isn´t
  6. Hi, there is no output_log.txt in the game folder. Repair i tried but it doesn´t work. Sorry
  7. Will sent it tomorrow. One time I came into the game menu but I can't do nothing. After this I only hade the game crash
  8. Everything what i get is this
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