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  1. It is Unity. Look in the game files and you will see😁
  2. This is not thought as a promotional video. It's only to show gameplay and I have become some feedback from german players that intrested on the game. There are many people here wich not so good in english and they are happy that the video is in german.
  3. Showing the game in EA. Attention the video is in german. The video Shows my first impressions of the game. At the end there is a short conclusion to the current state
  4. ShadowXX

    The magic horse

    If I take a horse with a saddle, from a jail for example, and save the game and finish it, the horse is an Indian horse after restarting the game
  5. Maybe it´s possible that the camps will come bigger. A camp with 10 warrioros and only 2 tipis is a little bit meager
  6. ShadowXX

    No Gathering

    Found it🤗
  7. ShadowXX

    No Gathering

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eR6ty8ywEkPir7sFDDMooAr90zcAuYo8/view?usp=sharing all that i can see ist the button "Take" that will put it back into my inventory
  8. ShadowXX

    No Gathering

    I have. If I go over this it happen nothing. Will send a screenshot later
  9. ShadowXX

    No Gathering

    No it didn´t there is only an option called "Cancel Order" as you can see or i am really blind😂 . Tere is nowhere an option to give to someone https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_k5MmZQZ-49iH2XL-62TXCy1Mqa8pJ8I/view?usp=sharing
  10. ShadowXX

    No Gathering

    Next thing is that i want to send one hunter to gather meat but i can craft endles bows and it shows everytime that hunter need one more bow. I have actually two bows and one hunter... will say there is normally one bow too much. Picture is attached https://drive.google.com/file/d/1v9KUAqaWSCTg0dcMgLDB1VEkGZWPjs4C/view?usp=sharing
  11. ShadowXX

    No Gathering

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1__wsnQa9QM6lmJyxgJvJIzGMX5a3ndMO/view?usp=sharing Hope it works🤔
  12. ShadowXX

    No Gathering

    So i have 2 warriors that gathering Stone, 2 gathering wood, and 2 gathering flax. All the gatherers standing in camp an do... right... nothing
  13. It´s never too early. Most of the games i tranlated in Alpha stadium. But it´s ok you say if you´re want to start. We are here. Will show the game next days on my YT channel
  14. If there planned any translations, maybe the community can help. I offer my help for the german translation. So i think the devs will found more playeres around the world. I have worked on some community translations. If i can help please contact me.
  15. I am back on "Failed to initialize Player". Sad that every patch bring the old errors back
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