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    CSA units rout into enemy

    Day 2, single player, I get the Texas Brigade up onto Big Round Top. After a while, they rout... and rather than falling back to CSA lines, decide to head North, through the entire Union Army, taking about 70% casualties. Later, Law's, also on Big Round Top, decides to rout all the way through Union-occupied Devil's Den before finally making it, seemingly accidentally, back into Confederate lines. What's going on? Obviously no real soldiers would rout *towards* the enemy. Nor can I think of any gameplay reason for this behavior. Is this a known bug? Is it going to be fixed soon? Also, while we're talking... do units on hilltops have more trouble shooting units below them than the units below them have hitting them?
  2. GetMedieval88

    problems with mac

    There is no "Game Labs" folder in Caches, but there appears to be a unity.Game Labs.Ultimate General Gettysburg. So it is: Library/Caches/unity.Game Labs.Ultimate General Gettysburg/Saves
  3. GetMedieval88

    Save Game directory on Mac

    Try ~Library/Caches/unity.Game Labs.Ultimate General Gettysburg/Saves