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  1. Day 2, single player, I get the Texas Brigade up onto Big Round Top. After a while, they rout... and rather than falling back to CSA lines, decide to head North, through the entire Union Army, taking about 70% casualties. Later, Law's, also on Big Round Top, decides to rout all the way through Union-occupied Devil's Den before finally making it, seemingly accidentally, back into Confederate lines. What's going on? Obviously no real soldiers would rout *towards* the enemy. Nor can I think of any gameplay reason for this behavior. Is this a known bug? Is it going to be fixed soon?
  2. There is no "Game Labs" folder in Caches, but there appears to be a unity.Game Labs.Ultimate General Gettysburg. So it is: Library/Caches/unity.Game Labs.Ultimate General Gettysburg/Saves
  3. Try ~Library/Caches/unity.Game Labs.Ultimate General Gettysburg/Saves
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