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  1. Ignore list now seems to work in battle chat 😉
  2. Hello gents, would it be possible to have some more options in battle ? One that prevents the bots from exiting the battle whatever happens for example , right now they'll exit battle right after their target sinks if not ordered in time ... Also it would be great to tell them what ammunition they should use, they waste chain ammo from far away when told to "dismast" .
  3. Vous noterez que ce sont toujours les mêmes qui viennent baver sur global ...Et réussissent à garder leur haine intacte jusqu'aux forums !
  4. Not getting craft xp with my forge ...
  5. Wrong period komrad, dev was talking about Napoleonic Era alliances ...
  6. Netherlands were from 1795 to 1813 were under french rule ... During 1776 american independance war they were allied to the French and spanish too . Why put them with France's enemies ?
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