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  1. Well i gues something is still missing , at the La Orchila PB the CABAL where also there , and at first attackt the PB fleet (they let the PB fleet go) Butt after that they attackt the screening fleet of the VP , so in my perseption they where screening for the RUSSIAN . And seems like the same op opportunistic behavior as the HAVOC clan , so if they (CABAL) realy are going to join the Brits there right where they belong. (and to think they had a big mouth full about rediii befor) Anuf about brits and sweeds , for us as VP i think its best to cut all thighs with other nation exept france (as i said many times befor in nation) We are just a small nation with a lot of very young captains and should act accordingly , like every DAVID who has to fight a GOLIATH (VS / VIETNAM or USSR / AFGHANIST) Guerrilla warfare is the only option for us i think , and take the risk of being pushed back to our save ports (but thats just me) After all ,we give thanks to the CABAL for giving our new and jong captains the oppertunity to learn what this game is about , so they can get more pleasure out of it . i want to close in the words from someone replying to me in Global ................... [BRPNeo ] shut up you noname ...
  2. Same here , i've seen him doing it a couple of times now , twice kept him away from looting someone els his loot. And the incident Tonys is talking about was when he joint my battle to take the loot ,when we fired on him . Hooping he would get the message
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