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  1. I think he seen my Christian in a pve battle, it was fully fitted for turning speed with Kiritimati and such and i have to admit its crazy.. but think other SOLs are not that fast at all when its comes to turning.
  2. Hi! I have a question about nation change, hopefully someone can give me accurate answer before i screw up all my assets! As far as i know, i will have to move all my assets to a Free Port and close all outposts in national ports before i use the redeemable item. The description says "Neutral Port" so thats means a neutral port works too or its have to be a free port?
  3. This! ^ Adapt to the changes and try out the new system before judge it! And don't listen to the guys who farmed unlimited pvp marks now complaining about the patch, try to look at the game overall not just yourself.
  4. Most of the "elite" pvp players farmed infinite pvp marks by camping capital zones and ganking newbies, same time destroying the playerbase of the game. There will be wipes anyways, if you trying to look the big picture, removing the pvp mark system is all good for the health of the game. Look at EVE-online for example, you get nothing there for killing someone (except if your victim got bounty on his head), only the loot from the wreck, still that game is full of exciting pvp and with a bit of luck if you hit the right target, you can get a huge reward for it. WG is very successful as a gaming company along with EA, a company needs money to run and further develop its games, design new ones. Maybe from your perspective its a failure, but still millions of players play WoT and Warthunder for example even though both feels like pay to win from time to time.
  5. Im so sad to see that there are players who think its completely normal and should be promoted / rewarded to farm newbies in capital zones. Don't you understand thats killing the game? Thats the main reason 90% of the players leaving before even starting to enjoy NA. Basically you destroying the player retention of the game and that should be fixed ASAP or you will end up playing all alone. Sure some of you gankers have some no risk fun and even received great rewards for doing this..(pvp marks) meanwhile the population of some nations (looking at you USA) slowly decreasing to zero. Just take a look at other "more" successful games, i can't tell you one single MMO/Sandbox where newbies and starting zones have zero protection. POTBS did this right, EVE-online doing this right and the list goes on, meanwhile in NA ganking newbies is promoted and even supported with nasty toys like the Le Requin...
  6. I suggest what already mentioned before.. The player credited the kill, gets the right to loot, if he leave the battle or die the loot is free to take for everyone. Theres one more important thing worth to mention here! I played many MMO including POTBS and EVE-online, all had their own rules for looting and worked great in that environment, but its whole different in NA. Its very hard (if not impossible) to get loot in time with anything bigger than a 5th rate, especially in pvp or large AI battles where you go up against multiple opponents. Basically you have to plan your whole tactics around looting if you want to get anything from the sinking wrecks and i think thats a bad game design. My suggestion is to make looting easier, increase the range of looting to 100m+ or anything works and remove the speed restriction. I know its not realistic but its don't have to be anyways, the gameplay is much more important in this case. This will resolve all the problems with looting, no more wasting of 10 minutes sailing around to grab the loot if you even have a chance before all wrecks sunk and you can get your well deserved reward for your efforts (if you can take it home).
  7. Why don't you simply change the looting mechanics? I mean the problem is not really with the new lootable doubloons its more about the horrible way you can loot wrecks. With bigger ships and bad wind its often impossible to reach a sinking wreck to loot it in time, ok realism and all but gameplay is much more important in this case. It would be much better for the gameplay if you could loot wrecks from like 100m or even more distance without speed limits and only the player who got the kill can access the loot until he leave the instance / got killed / abandon it. Ok its not realistic, but who cares when its also prevents loot stealing and all the unfair things that can happen. BTW maybe i am the only one here, but i really like this patch and i think this is the right direction for the game! Of course a lot of players whining about pvp marks and all, but come here and tell me that farming newbie players and camping capitals is totally fine and healthy for the game. Those ganker squads basically destroying the playerbase and player retention and must be stopped! Look at EVE-online for example, there are high-sec (relative)safe zones where you can run missions, trade, etc. But if you want to go for the bigger reward you have to wander into low-sec or even null-sec systems where everyone can legally attack you. Thats what i missing from this game and probably thats the reason why the pvp of this game is all about ganking and seal clubbing. Don't get me wrong im not a carebear, i used to play EVE for like for 9 years and i always been in null-sec, even finished 2nd and 3rd place in the Alliance Tournament with my team, but i hate to see whats happening in NA and hate to see those "great" pvp players who camping capitals 24/7 whining on this forum now that they don't get REWARD FOR DOING IT!
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