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  1. I like the suggestion but I think there is at least one problem: You have to wait for the jumper to loot. And Even when you have a bigger ship and he has a smaller (as is often the case with loot-jumpers) he will have time to run away after you warned him took screenshots, fired warning shots etc. You would have to make a cooldown for green on green in order to be able to sink a thief after all enemies are sunk or they are targeting you I think a much simpler SOP is this: If someone jumps a PvE battle you can take a screenshot of the list of combatants (showing that he jumped in after yo
  2. Yeah. But it is the 10.000 xp that I need to grind before I reach "starting level" that has made me quit the test...it´s not the resources.. Edit: And perhaps you should include a warning when the character is deleted that it is also the xp and resources that will be lost. It is no biggie for me, I just dont want to grind a week more from a cutter to be able to finish the test bed
  3. I used them, but thought they would be there when I created a new character.
  4. I made a player for the new test bed server. After 2 hrs of playing and having my clanmates telling me in teamspeak to join them in our original nation I decided to change nations... I lost all the test bed redeemables doing so 1. That means that the redeemables are player and not character locked ( I did not know that) 2. If I am to achieve the goals of the testbed I need to get the double amout of xp I did not get a warning about losing the redeemables: Normally they ar player locked so I think I am in good faith. If I am not let this be a warning to others Do not try to
  5. We have a winner!!Thank you very much!! I boarded all ships since I don´t need the kill-xp and want the gold. The bug was me 😕
  6. Hi I recently ressurected my account after a long hiatus and redeemed my XP I have been hunting traders and taken some missions to brush up rusty skills and learning how things changed, but I have not gotten any combat marks except 5 I had from the start. Ofc I did an F11-repport, but I really need to know if it is going to be fixed soon, as far as I remember I never got an answer when I reported a bug before, but this is ruining the game for me because I cannot craft any of the better ships without marks. My question is how long it will take before I can play the g
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