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  1. Thank you very much for the extra info. Do you know if the range for each type of ammunition is used is the same range or same proportion for every cannon? If it is the same range or proportion for every canon, do you (or anyone) happen to know what those numbers are? I could not find this info on a quick google search or search of this forum.
  2. Yes but 3-inch has a low accuracy of 33 and max accuracy of 260 while the 20pdr Parrott only has a min accuracy of 12.5 and a max accuracy of 52.5. According to the damage calculation given "Weapon damage * Random value between AccuracyLow / 100 and Accuracy High / 100", the 3inch has an average base damage of 33.695 and the 20pdr Parrott has an average base damage of 20.075. So even with the 20pdr's degradation advantage at 200 to 600, the 3inch still does more damage at these ranges. The 3inch has considerably more variance yes, but as I said I was somewhat ignoring that given the large sample you will get over a campaign. Maybe shell type is the missing ingredient here for why the numbers did not make sense to me, especially the 12pdr Howitzer and 20pdr Parrott being so bad, as according to this data and the above calculation, the only thing that matters is base damage, min accuracy, max accuracy, and range. Edit: I also did not realize you were the author of the excellent artillery guide (although I probably should have given you name). I''m certainly not claiming to know more than you about artillery. Do you have a solid feel as to why the numbers I have do not match what your in-game and more accurate experience shows at least for the 20pdr? Perhaps playstyles as I did not look at mid to far damages much as I like to wheel my arty just a little behind my infantry and do not do much firing from over 700 range.
  3. So I thought I messed up my calculations for a second then realized I had them technically right even though I originally misunderstood the weapons stats page which caused me to delete and now remake my original comment, messing up the formatting. Not sure, just going off the data posted here. According to my calculations, the 12pdr Howitzer does worse damage than the 10pdr Ordinance at anything above ~225 range, and considerably worse at 300 to 600 range. And up close, the Napoleon does considerably more damage 300 and in. The 10pdr Parrott does comparatively good damage above 600, although not as good as the super limited supply Tredegars. However, at this price comparatively good damage means pretty limited damage at range. See below for 20pdr Parrot. The Richmond seems pretty meh, cost-effective wise. Only slightly better than the Enfield at 200 range and worse from 250 to 300 range and similiar fire rates. Yes, it is better up close than the Enfield, but not significantly better than the Lorenz up close, which is only $22. That being said, I have watched your CSA legendary playthrough and have no doubt you are a better player than me. Maybe I really am messing up my calculations or not understanding the data properly. The 20pdr Parrott is worse than the 10pdr Ordinance up to 600 range and worse than the James from 600 to 1400 range. It seems the 20pdr Parrott does consistent but pretty negligible damage at all ranges. Considering its price and the fact that it has one of the lowest firerates in the game, it seems bad. One other thing I forgot to mention, is that it looks like the type of shot (canister, shell, etc.) does not actually effect the damage and is an animation only. Only range affects base damage. Maybe the different shots have different aoes, Idk. The above all just represents my personal opinion, biased by my playstyle for what ranges are most important, based solely on the data which OP very generously provided. I should also note that I am somewhat ignoring variance given the amount of volleysfired during a campaign. the 20pdr Parrott is much lower variance than all the 10pdrs.
  4. Thanks for this, really appreciate it. Do you know if/how a unit's stats and traits affect the damage calculation, i.e. will +10% accuracy have a greater effect on a unit's damage if given a high accuracy low damage gun (to get more out of the multiplication)? Also, is the range value of different types of weapons the same, so is 200 range for artillery weapons and infantry weapons the same distance in game? Some insights I gained (If i'm understanding this correctly): The 12pdr Howitzer and 20pdr Parrott are terrible. The 10pdr ordnance is the probably the best value arty in the game and between 400 and 500 range, probably the most common range for me to have arty, while still having good damage at 300 to 400, although it falls off comparatively after 500. I do not understand why the 10pdr ordnance has a damage high of 59.8 and the 12pdr Howitzer only has a damage high of 29, feels like those two should be revered. The 24pdr Howitzer is way better than any other arty in the 300 to 600 range, only the James at 600 range and the Napoleon at 300 range does more than half the damage of the 24pdr. Almost all infantry weapons have a max range of 300, regardless of what the weapon card says, which is weird. The Enfield is better than the 1855 or Harpers Ferry and only marginally worse than the 1861 beyond around 200 range.The Lorenz is similarly only slightly worse than the 1855, harpers ferry, and 1861 (and much better than the Enfield 100 and in). The Fayetteville is head and shoulders better than every other infantry weapon.
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