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  1. i got me this game thx 2 steam's summer sale and i just got wiped out completely as CSA at Shiloh, the number of union troops was x3, on arty x5 😫 and wtf r skirmishers doing in this game as seperate unit? that never existed imho ... yes every regiment send out some of them, they worked in pairs and a division skirmy size had a max of a platoon ... here half a dozen of those units run over the battlefield with 200-500 men destroying my 1.000 men infantry brigades. or do the devs mean sharpshooters? large skirmy formations only had been dismounted cavalry ... irl skirmys coming under direct fire of line infantry or being attacked by cavalry would be vaporized in minutes ... what i hate on simulations is when i have to adapt tactics due to inaccurate gameplay
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