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  1. Lots of responses, thats impressive enough. If only I would have gotten this many responses ingame. And yes, this post was written with quite a bit of frustration built up. Just to start am I not new to the game despite the fact that some people seem to think so. I did try to travel to a more "relaxed" spot than outside the capital but there the exact same thing happened, all is not focused around the main cities. Last time I got killed it was 15 seconds sail from one of the most popular ports in the game, where I at least thought I would get help. That also contributed to my frustration. And to state a point, if a new player has to hide in the ass-end of the map just to save enough money to buy some ships theres something wrong. Bottom line is that there might be a lot of things making people leave and new players not stay. In this case its the gusts of wind that ruined it for us. As I said we might get back at a later stage, hopefulle the game isn't all dead by then.
  2. Some friends and me just started playing after a long break. Was fun to come back into the game (despite everything being wiped), but it was fun starting on scratch. Then the patch came with the gust of wind or what its called. What few ships we had gathered are now all gone thanks to it now being impossible to outrun the guys only gunning for PvP. Dont get me wrong, I love PvP, but most of you know how it is to fight against someone in a "pvp rigged" ship. As I said most of our stuff now is gone and just moving outside to try to kill a few NPCs for money end up in enemies joining 80% of the time. Try to make a money run in a trader? Get run down by someone that got to the wind patch first. Im sorry to say that our stay was short. Might be trying again some time in the future. Might.
  3. Sort of the same story here. Just fired up the game to see a lot of stuff gone. Couldnt find any redeemable items and sort of bummed. Doesnt really help getting old players back setting a time limit on redeemables.
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