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  1. What he means is that you can't see through bushes that are behind the player even though the character has free vision. This is a big problem with 3rd person, and not the only one. My personal gripe is that you cannot even go into a tipi and look around.
  2. That's a good question actually, and I am taking a few shots in the dark First of all, I think that Indians in later times would sometimes use watches. It would not be an item that most people had but let's assume in most groups there could normally be scientifically inclined guys who owned rare white mans items like the one to measure how old the day was. Timekeeping is very useful in certain situations, like predicting when someone arrives or how long it takes, and it is certainly scientifically fascinating when you are so inclined. Or maybe it wasn't even necessary. Most Indians would have been able to take time from the sun. I'm pretty sure that their skill in this area would surprise us today. There is a tribe in the Pacific that can exactly locate their position on the ocean by looking at the stars, and could theoretically locate any position within the the entire pacific. In the end all stone age people who were advanced enough developed such skills just out of necessity. I think almost everyone would be able to look at the sky and make a very good estimation of the following: - cardinal directions (or some similar concept of direction) - weather forecast for next 24h - time of day (approximate to 1h or less) There are also many other usueful hints, for example certain bird songs can pretty accurately tell of weather, time and many impending dangers. And people have an inner clock too, this should not be underestimated either!
  3. Registered to say that I will be folowing this a game with excitement. I am one of the people who spend 100s if not 1000s of hours in hunting sims and the open American landscapes immediately wants me to play your game. I hope the world will be less overpopulated than other games. That means, there are people who like real outdoors simulation, where you roam a bit until you find animals or other people. And in between you may just want to light a fire and do nothing during the evening / night but lok at the stars. Those people are currently limited to very few games only (eg The Hunter or Arma III) and they spend a considerable amount of money there. That is at least what I would hope to see from this game, competing with open worlders a la Ubisoft where you are railroaded into action is imo not a good proposition, especially not in this setting. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous by the way.
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