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  1. Registered to say that I will be folowing this a game with excitement. I am one of the people who spend 100s if not 1000s of hours in hunting sims and the open American landscapes immediately wants me to play your game. I hope the world will be less overpopulated than other games. That means, there are people who like real outdoors simulation, where you roam a bit until you find animals or other people. And in between you may just want to light a fire and do nothing during the evening / night but lok at the stars. Those people are currently limited to very few games only (eg The Hunter or Arma III) and they spend a considerable amount of money there. That is at least what I would hope to see from this game, competing with open worlders a la Ubisoft where you are railroaded into action is imo not a good proposition, especially not in this setting. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous by the way.
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