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  1. Hello - A few thoughts on problems and solutions. Trading The implementation of standard trade goods weights has caused a problem - It has effectively taken approximately 50% of trade goods out of play - see following For example - A Indiaman in game currently has a value of around 100K - so lets look at the economics of using one for trading. Allowing weight for Guns and repairs leave a carry weight of 3900 or 39 items of trade goods - the figures are as follow current profit margins are at approx 80%having be lowered from the previous 180%. Weights on lower value good has been raised to 100 weight per unit. A Indiaman with goods of Rs 5000 value can make a profit of Rs 4000 X 39 = Rs 156000. This gives a reasonable risk reward factor. A Indiaman with goods of Rs 400 value makes a profit of Rs 320 X 39 = Rs 12480. This is extremely poor risk reward. I for one will not risk a 100K Indiaman for such a low profit. This has removed a lot of trade good from being traded as the risk - reward is to great on lower value goods. This could be corrected by reintroducing the weight to value system that was previously in place, on release the Player numbers should jump significantly and this will increase the trading risk even further . Many players decry trading as being Carebearing however try sailing 4 Indiaman full of trade goods when every sail u see can mean death and destruction and a significant loss of Reals. If you want a Adrenalin rush try that on for size - sailing a high speed ganking ship that runs from every fight unless its a sure win is the real care bear player. Regards and good health Diver
  2. Hi Trading has been significantly nerfed Sale factor is determined by dividing the Sale price by the Purchase price Prior to Update the profit margin was 180% a sale factor of 3 - the Taxes It is now 80% a sale factor of 2 You buy for 200 and with tax you add 10% = 220 You sell for 400 subtract Tax of 10% = 360 360 - 220 = 140 = 80% Profit Also the cooldown for Over sale can last a full game cycle Prior it was 20 min. Rgds all Diver
  3. Diver1

    Lost DLC

    I lost my LeRequin DLC in the San Lazarro Port Battle and it did not regenerate a redemamable one as it has done in the Past Rgds Diver1
  4. The Admin stated All assets from the Global server will be transferred to the EU server In a later post he stated . the majority of assets from the Global server will be transferred to the EU server. Please clarify sir, what are the minority that will not be transferred.
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