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  1. Thank you for the help, HachiRoku, I appreciate it. Clearly I am rusty on many things.
  2. I am sorry, i definitely broke the rules. More than just sorry though, I'm very embarrassed. i managed to play this game 500 hours before without issue, not sure why I thought I could just come along and sh*t post like that. Apologies. I'm not sure a permanent ban is appropriate for a single incident, If that remains, i think it would be appropriate to refund the DLC I got just a few hours before being banned. You have all the power so you can do whatever you like, but just as I'm responsible for breaking the rules, I think it's also fair that I get a refund for something I purchased in good faith, I had not idea permanent chat bans were even a thing or I would have waited to purchase the admiralty DLC.
  3. Oh, I wasn't clear, when I said "I think I know why I was chat banned" it's because I was saying i hadn't read the rules beforehand, (since I rejoined the game) but after finding them and reading them I knew that I had violated the rules. I'm in the wrong here, no doubt about it.
  4. I can't access the ingame chat and i would like to know why i was restricted. Ingame nickname: ''Capitalism Kills''
  5. This is the greatest thing ever, you made my day! As a newb, it is great all my hours crafting have paid off!
  6. WOW, this is GREAT stuff...Thanks man, I am already mostly in the suprise for some of the reasons mentioned. Still gotta fighure out tagging tho, but thanks for taking the time!
  7. This is Sandy Bill, to be fair, i was quite whiny, but it was my 1st time being exposed to the invis speed mechanic. I typically whine once and only once when i am killed in an exploit that I didn't know existed, but after that, I'm a big boy....mostly.
  8. Thanks for defending me, I'm sorry to the extent to which I was being a whiny brat, i was super duper pissed at the time. But it is very cool of you to say this. I appreciate it.
  9. I can't tell you how much i appreciate the offer. i'm doing ok, so I think I'll just soldier on. Offering is as good as giving, you're really a stand-up guy. I'd expect nothing less from a fellow kerbal enthusiast. Man, setting up a sustaining space station on all planets was a dream I alwyas had, and partially realized.
  10. Thank you for being so helpdul and constructive, i appreciate it. For now I am grinding marks and xp and sneaking a highly risky, very close trade route from time to time, but now FR is so overrun we are down to single digit home ports near port royal, so crafting is completely stalled because of the lack of availibility to produce resources. I'd hike and go get them, but that's as risky as a trade route of any substance, and that has cost me dozens of traders brigs.
  11. Although asking a newb how to fix something is like asking someone failing physics to rewrite the textbook, I do have some general observations. 1. The point of entry should be much, much lower. (start at level 20 crafting, make all 5th rates available from npc vendors, make consumables available from npcs, etc.) 2. Come up with some way to penalize nations who neglect or ignore their home port. 3. Let everyone below a certain rank put up a flag (not unlike contraband) that makes them unable to be attacked. Level 1-3 shouldn't haev to worry about being annihilated immediately on day one by a maxed out HC. I don't know any game that allows this in newb zones. Another way to accomplish this is to make NPC fleets agressive...very aggressive in and around home island. Kind of like how some MMOs have guards that are maxed out elites, and unless you get every single HC on your country to attack at once, you stay away (just from that little zone.) 4. I'm new, what the hell do i know. But I'll bet 50 bucks someone will come along and tear all these ideas (OF A NEWB) to shreds. Such is life.
  12. i joined two weeks ago and i have had a pretty terrible experience. I've played 206 hours, was getting into the trading and combat groove and had 9,600/10,000 experience. Over the last 2 days, i can't even leave my capital port (France Port Royal) without being ganked. I now have no resources and lost thousands of logs just trying to do the most passive benign activity possible. After investing millions in ships, outposts, buildings shipyard workshop etc, I am dead broke, have basically no ships, and all of my progress is completely wasted. When I begged for help from my nation, they basically told me to switch to another nation...I had all this vacation time (why i have 200 hours) to start a new game and there is no way I have the time to start over. I just wanted to share this because i know there are lots of experienced players that love this game, and I'm a HC vet of the early WOW years and FFXIV, and there is no faster way to let a game die than having a terrible experience for new players like I am having. I am helpless, resourceless, and can't even grab an oak log to build a trader's lynx without dying. It is super duper unfun. I am certain i am not the only one, and something big has to change with the helplessness otherwise you will lose most new players, and there is just no way to retain a game like that.
  13. NAS-730956 Crash NAS-730953 network tst Here's my latest reports: Network: 731-090 Crash: 731-092
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