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  1. Sir_More

    Chat problem?

    In the image I see myself not connected. Unable to communicate with anyone, nor receive invitations from groups. After more than two thousand hours of play now is a big problem for me.
  2. Sir_More

    Chat problem?

    It does not work 😕
  3. Sir_More

    Chat problem?

    I need your help: The chat does not work, I try to open all tabs (nation, global, combat news, help) but none Works. I do not know what may have happened, I reinstalled the game and the MS C++ Redists packages but the problem still remains. I can not even send an email or communicate with my friends. you can see me in the game, but not as connected, I can not make groups and receive invitations. I cannot group up with them and do missions and such, cause i am online but not registred as online. Pse Help me
  4. Compañero te escribo en nombre de los usuarios del Clan MCAT (Marina Catalana) Nos puedes hacer las banderas: Senyera: Estelada: La verdad que nos haría mucha ilusión. Felicidades por tu trabajo. Saludos.
  5. That's not the point. I look for Catalan players or some clan outside the Spanish faction. Thanks for the invitation, I think. There is possibility of having room in TS or Discord to speak in Catalan language
  6. I'm looking for Catalan players or clan with members of my nationality, outside of the Spanish faction. Find my proflie on steam id: Sir_More. Many Thanks.