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  1. DD Recruiting ! We need velonteer , recruites and officiers for expend our empire ! We raiding hostility order for get more cities, and some pvp events too ! We helping new players and small clans, we have alots allies clans and we can give ships and combat mark if you need ! We are a freindly clan so, why not joined us !! Your Welcome ! Richbeard , Cornilius , Grimm Reaper
  2. I dont have anytime to read forum all days before playing to the game !!!
  3. Hi ! I'm a guy who dislike forum and following something or facebook or all sociaux network .... Also that , I'm here to write you ! I was in love with your game and now it pisses me off REAALLY HARD ! I dont have any time or interest to come into the forum read your hotfix patch everyday day !! Why you changed critical things in the games without any IN-GAME announcements , mostly when your clients who play this game CAN LOSE SOMETHING !! You know this game take ALOTS TIMEs !! !!! I bought a ships for a PORT BATTLE .. we won ,after that I go away ,I use TP f
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