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  1. its will be nice if we can set any way point or rally point from one place to another place and ship can be automatically move by itself along the way point and we can reset waypoint anytime so we don't need to wait our ship travel from one port to another port for 15 minutes and etc, we can do something else , away from keyboard because it's so boring to wait your ship travel and the only thing you see only seas nothing else, beside that it would be a friendly features for new player or advance player who don't have much time to wait or wanted to skip boring things
  2. this game look awesome and have big potential but for now it's no more than boring,as far I can see only seas no exploration or treasure hunter, like sunk ship, hidden enterance or cave that will appear randomly on map, catastrophe or blizzard,hidden port or island and random encounter etc. for now the world feel empty and I can't stand with it,the world is too big (empty) and you can travel 2 block for 15 -25 minutes for doing nothing and only to approach port on other island
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