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  1. True but the 30-40 crew loss in those ships vs 300+ crew loss from one broadside is a bit out there. I mean if we're going that realistic a 42 pounder should blow a cutter or lynx to shreds and send a hole straight through it. We have a good deal of realism here and i like it but if this is a case of immersion and not a bug it's a bit too far. No other ship in the game can be rendered useless by a single broadside.
  2. I have been sailing the Bucentaure for a few days now and I'm having a pretty serious issue with it. My crew loss per mission is unbelievably high compared to my clan mates in ships of the same size. 200 + crew lost in each battle and not just from stern shots. Each broadside I take I see my crew drop by 5-10. What this makes for is an almost unplayable match and today i lost my Buce for the last time due to one point blank broadside from a Bellona which wiped out 330 crew. I know you history buffs will say "That's what happened at Trafalgar" and it is... The ship was rendered useless in one b
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