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  1. Streaming 1.03 Beta currently, British ships are BARELY slowing down, even during tight turns, with speed set to 0. Took BC 20 minutes to slow 1.5 knots after five 180 degree turns, CA was the same way. Thanks!
  2. I'm not sure, bu it looks like, there's something wrong here. Both, front main guns and front tower are placed de facto in the middle of the ship, and rear tower and rear battery are almost sliding off the aft, and there's still fore weight offset. After removal of the casemate guns the offset value is 15,3% for aft. For such placement it still looks somehow wrong.
  3. It would appear that the Chinese invented the dreadnought years before the British. Royal Navy BTFO. On a side note, this "semi-armored cruiser" hull is also available in 1898, its just it can only have 2 side primaries instead of 4. Do you even dreadnought 1898?
  4. It happens with my 1910 British campaign. all other 2"-6" scondaries are fine(they are using the same turrent model for multi-barrel setup)
  5. The video I published here on Youtube shows the issue in real time. The bug entails your designs being completely deleted when you go into the shipyard either after a battle has been completed or by choosing to rebuild in the pause menu. The only way I can avoid this issue is to press Alt+F4 during the battle and kill the game. I chose Austria-Hungary, year 1939.
  6. output_log.txt: Initialize engine version: 5.6.7f1 (e80cc3114ac1) GfxDevice: creating device client; threaded=1 Crash!!! SymInit: Symbol-SearchPath: '.;C:\Games\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\GAME\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\default\game;C:\Games\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\GAME\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\default\game;C:\Windows;C:\Windows\system32;SRV*C:\websymbols*http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols;', symOptions: 530, UserName: 'wnmsr' OS-Version: 10.0.19042 () 0x100-0x1 C:\Games\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\GAME\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\default\game\b
  7. It's kind of bugreport, I thought it'll be easier to just show it on video. Happened without any special circumstances, cannot suggest ways to reproduce. After it moved a little by the end of this clip, it stuck again and didn't move anymore.
  8. Game froze me on the Open World as I clicked to join a battle. Totally frozen but I could still move the camera around. I had to re-log and on first re-log I got the wave view bug (camera underwater). Re-logged again and this time I was already being tagged by 6 enemy players. Got tagged and instantaneously hammered in battle. Lost a Mahogany(S)/Teak(S) Endy, blue 4 slots with navy hull, copper plating, naval clock and norther master carps. 96 hull reps, 59 rig reps. 600 rum, 1950 dubs. I would not have been tagged if I did not got frozen in the open world. *One of the screenshots is from my
  9. Just noticed a bug. AI is tracking ships in combat by rotating their turrets through the ships always staying on target. Snapped the pic after it had rotated from the other side. Marshall99 made a thread but I noticed it on an AI so just reporting to be sure! Reported in game aswell
  10. I just completed the "Cruisers wanted" mission. I designed up a Heavy cruiser I hull with 4 x4 deck mounted torpedo launchers. In the mission the launchers almost never actually launched 4 torps. The first launch was zero fish, the second launch was 1 from two launches. Only once I had only 1 of my 5 cruisers left, did I actually get 4 torps from two of the launches. Here you can see the arrangement, if it makes a difference.
  11. Just had this happen a second time playing above mission. Seems like it might be related to anything happening near the beach - too many landing boats for game to sort? 1st time happened during retreat to beach, 2nd time when fighting near the beach. What happens is men freeze up and march in place and unit shields become frozen on screen in same place, decoupled from units, you can still move the map. Also, game locks up so you have to task manager close it. This is the steam version Im playing. Like to know if I'm alone experiencing this. I could understand if fixing so
  12. We recently discussed a bug, where, even though all are locked and loaded, only few guns (in my case mostly 2, guns not turrets) fire their guns at the enemy. I now think i saw a potential glitch, that might cause this. The thing was: The guns started their reload cycle slightly delayed, after the cycle was almost completed and the first guns were reloaded, it immediately went off, even though the others were not reloaded and quite a step away from being so. And my guess now is, that due to a lag in this reload cycle the other guns went for standby and wait for this gun to be ready again,
  13. When i launched the game i noticed that i didn't have any sound of any type, sea, sailors, coast of any other, and it's just the game, any other application works just fine, music, videos etc. already restarted steam, changed audio from 5.1 to stereo, set audio format to 16 bits 48k dvd, checked audio drivers, graphics and anything works. thx for help.
  14. Bug alert... The design, 1x 254mm and 5x 229mm centreline mains... See below, mains are set to target BB (far right) and secondaries are set to target CA, 254 (c turret) correctly targeting BB but the 229s are all targeting the CA as if they were secondaries! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PS, second bug, 'Modern Tower V' has 2 casemate slots each side but the toolbar is completely gray-out.
  15. 7 inch guns can be installed on the stern of the ship and on board but can not be installed on the bow.
  16. So it appears that the most recent update may ha ve created another indestructible ships bug. This time it appears that the players ships are indestructible. Played several missions and none of the ships took damage. Anyone else having this issue?
  17. Every single life boat that I have deployed today has capsized. No matter the weather conditions or the choppiness of the water, it tips over. They launch fine, but within seconds they end up always flipping over. It’s some what comical to watch.
  18. Hi there, Latest patch has introduced a new bug on the English Starting Campaign mission - once you win you are forced to redo the mission. - Haven't played America yet so I can't say whether or not that mission is bugged too - or all of them.
  19. Hi. I lost my Hercules due to a bug in Patrol zone. I was hunting a Cerberus and he exited Patrole zone and kept firing from there without any penalty to him. After approximately 8 mins I went after him and I lost my hard earned Hercules due to timer countdown hitting 0 and the Cerberus, for all I know, could have stayed there forever firing at me until I sank. The screenshots provided should be enough to compensate me my Hercules back, it doesn't matter what upgrades were fitted on her, I'd just like my tutorial earned Hercules back. I've sent an in-game bug report but I don't know
  20. I started a battle in the patrol zone vs an elite ai + fleet, and it was not a patrol zone battle when I entered. All of the AIs fleet was in the battle and there was no boundary circle. I submitted a bug report. The ship I was in sunk, because there were a bunch of elite ai that should not have been there, and I would like it back. I have a video of the battle if needed, but I would rather not upload it at the moment, hopefully the information in the bug report is sufficient.
  21. During the mid of the combat, it always crashes. I have tried this mission for three times and all of them are crushed. I am buliding a battlecuriser with 3x3 17" guns. My computer still has a lot of cpu and RAMs. For now I have tried 6 missions this is the only one mission that will cause crush. Is there any solution for this issue? Or any suggestions?
  22. Whenever i click on something the game acts as if i was scrolling. This mostly effects sliders to the point where i adjust displacment and it automatically reduces it back to the minimum. Same goes for the speed of a ship in battle This only happens to ui elements, the game itself doesn't zoom out when in battle. Tested mouse and keyboard inputs to make sure they are working properly. Tried the repair tool and restarting the pc, nothing fixed the issue.
  23. Hi, I would like to report the following issue : The game seems to slow down slowly without the task manager showing an increase of used ressources. I still have loads of RAM / CPU / GPU / disk usage to spare ( game uses less than 15% of any of them ) so the problem probably does not come from my computer. The slowing down will increase over the course of an hour until the game gets way too laggy to play. Closing and restarting the game will temporarily solve the problem. It doesn't seem as the graphics details change anything, it will slow at the same speed regardless if the qu
  24. I was playing the mission with a stupid 86000 ton or so battleship with a backwards main tower, aft tower, and funnel, with a 6x3 set of 17” guns and a top speed of 32 knots. I got about 1 hour in on 5d speed when it just died. I’ll try reproducing it tomorrow but for now I gotta go to bed. Cya.
  25. Alright so this bug took place today, I grabbed a SS of it when it happened. I'm on the Alpha (v1.6.38) and now I cannot play. I tried to repair it but it refuses to work regardless of anything I try. Has anyone else encountered this yet?
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