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  1. What Simon said . . . Can't be bothered to log in anymore.
  2. BigMo

    Beware of Leaks!

  3. BigMo

    Solution to keep A global server ?

    Silly idea rehashed again. What is the obsession with instant PB gratification? If hardcore sandbox that doesn't reset is the goal, slow down Port taking from hours to a week or two. A longer grind of PVP-centered missions to blockade, raise hostilities and capture would require all time zones to work together, rather than play apart. -Mo
  4. Looks like Massimo and his gang of bastards were not carebearing, huh Huliotkd?
  5. BigMo

    naval blockade for ostility mission

    Massimo a scared carebear? Please. Hostility should be based on establishing a port blockade. PVP will naturally come out of it. First thing to think about is time scale. It should take a week or two to do anything meaningful regarding port flips. That takes the day/night thing out of the equation. I like this Massimo.
  6. BigMo

    Too many 1st rates!?

    Too many 1st rates. Thought this was going to be a frigate game. As some have already hit on, its an economic problem. -Mo
  7. BigMo

    EXILE moving to Denmark

    Good luck Hachi! Going miss sailing with you and your gang. -Mo
  8. BigMo

    Not fun?

    1. Ship management between ports. Okay with a limited number of outposts. Would be nice to be able to use the 3hour teleport to warp to other ports rather than just capital. And the time shouldn't be limited on the front end, i.e., once every three hours, but on the back end. A warped ship is locked down for 3 hours to account for the travel time. 2. Upgrade management. Difficult to keep track where they are and swap them in and out. It would be nice to see all ship detail and upgrades from any outpost. Seems like good changes are coming here like more are permanent upgrades so less swapping. 3. Fleet management. Can the fleet ship take crew automatically up to the your limit instead of starting from zero? Can the fleet ship drop off automatically when I warp to another outpost? Maybe right after clicking the sail button from a port, the manage fleet menu comes up to confirm just like after a battle? Little things, but glad you asked! -Mo
  9. Seems like it happens every time Pirates start losing around Port Morant!~ Just kidding, of course. Everyone knows the PVP2pirates never lose. -Mo
  10. BigMo

    PvP2 Battle for Port Antonio Britus vs Pirates

    Impressive results BLACK. No doubt about it. A battle won decisively against a ragtag bunch of clans, some of whom are vastly under-crewed. How is the rest of the war going? BigMo
  11. Here's my pitch for US to vote Great 'Britain' as ally: Do the exact opposite that Nyurtle does, and you will do fine in this game. Besides, you want in on some of this dirty Dane action. -BigMo
  12. Captain, Are these the photos you are looking for? They could make a good NA meme about 'tunnel vision'. -BigMo
  13. We were really starting to kicking the US squad around. They were not the bad asses we thought. New push into the into Yucatan of all places. But our successes had given some of our crazy Brit bad asses like BadBenny the balls to go start taking Danish ports. This Aussie never sleeps and wages total war. No bloody truces, alliances, agreements, handshakes, . . . The Danes were minding themselves. Crafting away from a internet café in Hong Kong. Oh yah, these Danes were Chinese nationals. They decided to teach Benny a lesson and soon they had fleets of upgraded Victory's right off Jamaica. Of course, its map moving during the middle of the night. Not much we could. Well BadBenny kept trying. We finally hooked up with him last weekend morning. The Danes were taking St. Nic. At least 8 first rate ships there. Not much we could do. But we countered immediately in Haiti. It was a rag-tag group just hoping that fleet couldn't make the corner in time. BadBenny kept a screen up around Isle la Vache. He caught up the first Dane Victory that was coming to defend Jacmel. We quickly capped the port and turned to help Bennie with his battle. As we approached the island, a fleet with 4 Victories, a Constitution and a Renommee launched to rescue their first rate friend. At first a standoff. Both sides running the numbers. Crazy Canadian squad CKA says "Lets go boys. We can do this!" We formed up a line and busted them with chain. They looked confused and didn't have the range. And clearly didn't know they were fighting a bunch of old fogey's who will chain you at range at 65 minutes just to make one stern rake on that first rate. Blackmagic was pretty quiet till now. "Okay, I'm going make my run!" What?!? Oh, no. Not this fireship crap again. Never seen it work, except to set friendlies on fire. "Oh, yah, I got a gold fireship upgrade. I'm turning in!" That frigate lite up as soon as he pulled up to the Victory. You could see them panic. The frigate crashed into the first rate and he tried to turn away. Well, shit. That did work pretty well. The squad leader in his Renommee was disintegrated. Literally. And Yamato lost most of his Victory's sail. Holy crap! I can't believe that work. The momentum quickly changed, but these guys have mined all of the upgrades. They quickly got the damaged Victory up to about half sail and the rolling battle was on again. With the battle timer running down, we teamed up to turn them into the wind and board them. Got all three the of first rates with one minor loss. These Chinese Danes hadn't seen old fogey's like this. Cheers, -BigMo
  14. BigMo

    Isle la Vache July 2016

    Fight with the Danes