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  1. Idea: Let players list themselves on the market. For a definable amount of time- say 1 week- the player's labor hours are transferred hourly to the player who buys the contract. Thus, you can hire works. What do you think?
  2. I logged into the PVE server earlier tonight. I forgot that maintenance was in about 25 minutes. I entered a rear admiral mission. One of my mates reminded me that reset was going to happen. I realized that i probably couldn't sink the santisima I was fighting in the next 20 minutes, so i attempted to flee. The 15 minutes til restart warning popped up- then I got disconnected directly after! I immediately tried to relog, but the server was in "maintenance" mode. I was unable to rejoin the server til almost an hour later. I'm honestly floored. I have always accepted the risks of running dif
  3. Seriously. What kind of gnarly database backend have you got if you routinely need an hour a day just to run offline maintenance?
  4. Having just crafted 5000 planks... why on earth are we capped to 16 hours at a time? Why not just let us select the quantity to craft?
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