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  1. Like the title: Hull Port Bonus 4 doesn't apply to Hull HP even if described as All Armor HP. Thickness is applied to Hull thickness. Basic Hull Refit Upgrade with All Armor HP description is applied to Hull HP. Is this a bug or choice? if choice description should be edited Noticed this making a ship configurator that i may publish sooner or later
  2. Hello, can you please develop this? Are there any other restrictions/conditions to get the regional bonus? I am asking because yesterday i crafted a trader lynx, common, oak, random trim (got planking), the ship was marked with the "region" (recently captured, not capital), and i didn't get any regional bonus. That is why I would like to understand more about this regional bonuses and why i didn't get any. Is it all about the "certain"?
  3. SoLo De La Reina PvP1 Master Trader - creates an AI captain that will follow a player given route (or not? follow coastlines?), with a player given ship (not imaginary, crafted or bought ship only), player loaded ship, when journey starts system creates an actual npc in OW, will make deliveries for you (if not attacked/sinked/boarded). % chance after battle to stop in a friendly port if escaped but suffered lot of damage Trader Hunter - gives more XP/money/prize/upgrades if a trader ship is captured Battle Commander - gives visual orders/indications (flag system?) to others (ability to select single or groups) in battle instance, timed ability (every 2/3/5 minutes), % chance to not be seen due to fog of war/position, radius of effectivness Renown/Able Captain - ability to understand ennemy orders Fearless Attacker - bypass port timer (cannot enter eventual port battle) Honor Hunter - more XP Shennigan - OW ship disguised (4 rate and lower only) example: in OW your ship is seen as Gros Ventre, actually a Belle Poule in battle instance Evening Ladies - increase every stat of the ship (all jobs done better) for given time (7 ingame days?) after port exit
  4. Oltre ad essere stato prova dell'unione di tutti i clan spagnoli che lavorano per fronte comune, di sicuro e' stato molto demoralizzante per gli inglesi. Anche il grosso lavoro delle fregate, fuori dalla battaglia di porto, ne e' stata prova. Ora non ci rimane che continuare cosi.
  5. Felicitaciones a TODOS. Batalla ├ępica.
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