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  1. Thank you! I ended up buying a new Suprise witch i am using instead so the problem for me is not so urgent anymore. But would gladly see a solution to it since the ship is basicly just sitting in my harbor takeing up space and money ^^
  2. Update: Cant sell the ship either.
  3. Update: So i tryed to trade my Suprise with another player, i could use his Suprise, but he could not use mine, so it seems like it is the ship itself that is buged.
  4. In that specific port i only have 3, but i doubt this is the problem because i bought a Frigate right after and i can sail with that one and my old Cerb.
  5. i also waited 1 day for maintenance. did not help
  6. Several times, reloged, rebooted, anything i can think of.
  7. I have not seen this been posted about before so i am making a new thread! I ranked up to captain yestarday and bought a 5th rate Suprise ship. But i cant use it and i have no idea why. You can select it under the "home" tab, but the stats of it does not show up on the right side of the ship selection bar. You can go in under equipment and put guns and upgrades and everything on the boat. BUT i cant set sail. The green Sail button just wont work. I have sent multiple reports about it. And i have seen a lot of other players talk about it in the chat. Is there any solution to this problem?? As u can see on the pictures i have the Suprise selected but the game shows the stats of my frig instead.
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