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  1. The chat displays the international interest in the this game. The multiple languages on chat reflects this, which I think is pretty cool. But I would like to be able to translate the posts. I would like to see a translation button. When pressed and held all the entries on the chat window are translated to the users default language, which can be set.
  2. Here is a short break down of the monetary system. The real (meaning: "royal", plural: reales) was a unit of currency in Spain. This was replaced by the escudo which was worth 16 reales. Gold coins where introduced valued with .5x, 1x, 2x, 4x,, 8x escudos. Doubloon (from Spanish doblón, meaning "double") was a two-escudo or 32-real gold coin. As I stated prior doubloons is a currency denomination of reales. Similar to the dollar, 5-dollar, 10-dollar, 20-dollar bills etc. This was never intended to be sold on the open market like goods. Historically a boubloon was a 32 reales gold coin how can sell it for anything more. It would be like selling a $20 dollar bill for $40. Of course in a game you can do anything you like but it is incorrect and diminishes the economy growth and of course player enjoyment for the traders and crafters.
  3. Doubloons in currency, it is gold coins that should have specific value like Real money (silver coins). I should not be allowed to be sold in the market place but exchanged at the going rate with Real currency set by the local government or township. I've seen doubloons being sold from 30 to 400 reals at the market this makes it impossible to estimate the cost of building ships where the it is used extensively. With a set value known doubloons can flow between the PVP players and the craft/trader players stabilizing the economy. Here is an example. To build a Level 3 shipyard it takes 5000 doubloons. The default value of a doubloons is 4 reals so that would be 20,000. If you had to buy doubloons on the market at 400 ea that would be 20,000,000. This is bit extreme but you get the drift. Goods, resources, ships and even services should be sold at the market priced by supply and demand but not currency (Doubloons). Instead there should be an exchange window in the market where doubloons/reals can be exchanged at a set rate. It is more difficult for players preferring trading and crafting than to PVP players to accumulate doubloons. By setting an exchange would open up the trading/crafting economy,
  4. I would like to suggest feature to create a Tavern (Pub) at the Capital ports. When a player enters the Tavern the players avatar is displayed also with the nation and clan association if any and rank, no hidden lurkers. There should be a general chat area for all customers and a clan chat room so that a registered clan can hold meetings and discussion of future missions or just party. The clan chat room can be opened by anyone that is affiliated with a clan and any members of that clan can enter freely. Any other clan members can enter only by invitation.
  5. I would like to put my 2 cents on the current state of the game in refernce to the latest patch level. I think that with the lastest patch we have shot ourselves in the foot. The goals of creating a game is to provide enjoyment and interest in the game play, secondly increase your profits by gaining new players and holding on the the existing player base. It appears that since the last patch we have lost considerable amount of the population due the changes that has made this game less enjoyable. Port Battle The port battle mechanic changed drastically from the Conquest Flag to the Hostility level by region. This changed the Port Battle to almost none existence, maybe at best 1-2 a day. We are mostly grinding to reach the 100% Hostility level or to prevent another nation from reaching it. Port battles is one of the big inpacts to the game fun factor due the the number of players involved and should be revisited in the next patch. The Conquest Flag mechanics had it downsides like multiple flags opened for diversion tactics, single player ports battle during slow times. This is my suggestion for that. 1. Only Clans and Invitation group can buy a Conquest flag. A single individual cannot buy a flag by himself, he would have to be part of a invited group then be able to purchase a flag. This would limit the single person port battles. The invite group should have a minimum size set, say a 5 2. Limit the number of Conquest flags,say 4, that a clan can open in a day. This limit would force the Clans to plan their port battles more carefully so not to waste it on diversionary tactics. 3. Each player not part of a clan is allocated 1 flag per day but as stated above he have to a member of an invited group to make the purchase. 4. As a nation you can buy any amount of Flags in 24hr period but only 2 initiated port battles can be active any time. As I stated this is my 2 cents. I can go on to the trading and resource allocation but that is for another day.
  6. All Curse level crafters do not benefit from this feature since XP points are no longer tallied. I would suggest that the "5% off all combat earned on that ship" be converted to XP crafting hours giving the builder incentive to build more ships.
  7. During a battle when a different type of gun load is requested (ball, chain, grape, double charge. etc) the current load is discarded and the reload process restarts. In reality this, (the current load removed), is never done because of the possibility of disaster. I suggests that when a reload command is requested it implemented on the subsequent loads and remains selected till the next different reload command is requested. This will really aid in the fluidity of the ammo selection during a battle.
  8. What is all these large AI Fleets about? I seen a 3rd Rate with 24 ships in his fleet and nothing lower than a Belle Poule. On top of that he was being followed by a Victory with a Vic in his fleet. I think that is over kill. The only time you should see that is in a large battle or small war. Also there is very little AI traders in OW. How are the newbies going to practice their skill and collect resources if there aren't any targets?
  9. I fished a lot in the ocean but I have never caught a salt. I understand fish and bottles but SALT? Fishing is the wrong place to offer salt. It should be in a cap shipped hold if you want to offer it as a freebe
  10. I would like to be able to escort my own Trader fleet, where the AI fleet can consist of trader ships that can be loaded with cargo and the escort is the player controlled ship. To keep it historically correct, the SOL vessels were not normally assigned to escort duties so limit the escort to single 3rd ot 4th rate. If two trader ships are allowed in the fleet considerable amount of goods can be transported. It is also becomes a valuable target since only a single escort is allowed for the trader fleet. This is in comparison where currently a single Trader can be escorted by up to 2 warships, where in most instances not very inviting.
  11. I also would like to be able to escort my own trader, where the trader can be loaded with cargo but is the AI ship and the escort is the player controlled ship. Since SOL were not normally assigned to escort duties limit the escorts to 3rd ot 4th rates.
  12. Although there is no specific of the unit of measure for weight you can estimate what is buy examining the weight of know items like fish. The needlefish, bluefish, jack weight is .500, the grouper is 3.00 and Shortfin Mako 10. I would estimate the unit of weight is close to a pound or Kilogram (2.2 lbs)
  13. There's been a lot of comments on the new cargo limits on the Traders, which by the way I don't agree with. As some have stated it make those smaller Trader absolutely worthless, I would like to back those statements with some hard numbers to justify bringing them back to more realistic numbers. I'm going use the Trader Cutter since it is my favorite trader. The Basic Cutter and the Trader Cutter are the same ship but the Trader is stripped down to carry cargo. The Trader has 20 less crew and carries no guns, its cargo weight is 450lbs compared to 150lbs for the Basic cutter. If you calculate the weight saving on the Trader, 20 men at @170lbs each, that is 3400lbs. With no guns the weight savings (at approx 800lbs per gun at 12 guns) is 9600lbs. Realistically, there would addition saving for munitions. So just considering the men and guns weight savings, that would be approx 13,000 lbs which should be able to directly covert as cargo weight. But at the current setting the cargo difference between the two is 300lbs!!. That is equivalent to only two "skinny" men. It appears the dev goals of this game is to align itself as realistic as can be to the ages of sail. With that said I think bringing the cargo load weights back to more realistic settings is justified
  14. Yep, I've lost my fleet. The only clue provided is "Fleet Ship located in other port". Ok but WHERE?
  15. The Free Camera (HOME) no longer works in OW.
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