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  1. The Marines change is non-sensical. You use an UPGRADE slot to make your ship worse in every aspect except the actual boarding itself? That's not an upgrade. The mod is pretty much useless now, because with it, you've lost the ability you need to put it to use. Revert this.
  2. Hilarious. No, not Eve. But you rest easy telling yourself all about what can't be done and what's impossible and all that. If the devs agree with you, then I'm sure that thinking will drive things forward nicely.
  3. I know at least 2 games that do far far more. One of them for the last 15 years, one for the last 13 years.
  4. It is axiomatic in game design that the farther you get from "real world" in any simulation, the worse things generally turn out to be. Get rid of instancing. Make combat occur in the open world. Solutions for the tech, programming capability, and server structure necessary are out there.
  5. You're describing the 2nd best player in a clan, here.
  6. Problem is, you have people in the game who are less-than-reliable witnesses for said events, and the devs themselves have little accurate means of assessing said reliability.
  7. There are not enough treats in the Skinner box, and the interval between treats is too long.
  8. Gee. What a surprise that all the non-pirate players should be leaping at any suggestion to nerf pirates. Or any "poll" weighted to suggest same.
  9. I was in a Surprise, graping an NPC 3rd rate at close range. He (Kuthara) sailed his Niagra between me and the 3rd rate. I fired my broadside into the 3rd rate. Some of my grape hit Kuthara's sails. I held my course and the 3rd rate turned slightly away. Kuthara, having trapped himself between 2 larger ships, then took much of the 3rd rate's broadside, and sank. He then blamed me for the incident.
  10. Hopefully they're putting kill/assist XP back to again reward group play, because ALOT of people have stopped playing until that fix.
  11. Fixed it by uninstalling, then going to program files(x86)/steam/steamapps/common and deleting the Naval Action folders that were left over. No collateral damage detected thus far.
  12. ...despite 40ish members actually online playing the game. All the members are listed, with proper ranks, but there's only the green light "online" indicator for me. I have tried relogging, logging into different servers, verifying steam cache, and uninstalling/reinstalling the game.
  13. Dunno why the elitist masochist crowd always insists on the most boring, painful, grindy gameplay...except that...oh yeah. They're elitist masochists
  14. 6 months would be waaaayyy too long. Having the ability to sail everything does not equal having everything.
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