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    Random Disconnect

    I'm dominating a battle, before finish Boom. 'Server connection closed'. Net was fine, and it reloaded fine after I refreshed. I reenter the match, but i feel bad about that.
  2. Also try this apple recipe: 1. Find apples 2. Cut apples 3. Toss them in Cinnamon sugar 4. Dump them in pan 5. Put Oatmeal on top 6. Put in oven @ 350 degrees F (not putting in conversations, lazy ) 7. Bake until done Make it, it is good I made because everybody else is, and flooding off topic discussion with useless topics is fun
  3. I mean, u should make this forum without banning people, just ignore insults. that would be good.
  4. Maybe moderators could make the forums a better place? How about moderators actually start giving warning points and banning for insulting others? Or is that too much to ask for?
  5. Sorry, I do not understand you
  6. I've played several MMOs, and I noticed all of them are very similar in lifespan. Stage 1, New Release: A new online game hits the market, everyone's excited about it, popularity begins to rise! Stage 2, Logical Updates: The game goes through a few stages where graphics and gameplay are updated through several revisions, the changes are generally an improvement, more content, or updated content. More people join the game. Stage 3, Peak Popularity: The game is very popular and enjoyable, most people love the game, and there is generally a very large and pleased community. Stage 4, Drop
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