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    Tactics Guide

    In the conquer the map battle playing as the confederates, I could not lure my opponent to attack me. I sent 4 brigades and captured Gettysburg. Sent 2 brigades to capture wolfs hill. And kept two brigades on benners knoll with two batteries of arty. The Union defensive on culp's and cemetery is very hard to dislodge. I followed the guide but it usually only is useful when the union is attacking. If you cannot lure the union to attack then you must attack up a wooded hill well defended with efficient artillery. Any tips when attacking as confederates.
  2. This what Shelby Foote, A renowned civil war historian an novelist, said one time when he was asked about the confederate flag. "The flag is a symbol my great grandfather fought under and in defense of. I am for flying it anywhere anybody wants to fly it. I do know perfectly well what pain it causes my black friends, but I think that pain is not necessary if they would read the confederate constitution and knew what the confederacy really stood for. This country has two grievous sins on its hands. One of them is slavery – whether we’ll ever be cured of it, I don’t know. The other one is emancipation – they told 4 million people, you’re free, hit the road, and they drifted back into a form of peonage that in some ways is worse than slavery. These things have got to be understood before they’re condemned. They’re condemned on the face of it because they take that flag to represent what those yahoos represent as – in their protest against civil rights things. But the people who knew what that flag really stood for should have stopped those yahoos from using it as a symbol of what they stood for. But we didn’t – and now you had this problem of the confederate flag being identified as sort of a roughneck thing, which it is not.” The confederate flag is an historic symbol. Why don't take down the American Flag because of all the native americans the federal govt. slaughtered but of course no one ever talks about that. We cannot rewrite history and we cannot forget history. Removing items that represent our countries history will only cause us to forget.
  3. NBForrest

    Next Ultimate General Game, What would you like to see?

    I think you guys should stick to the ACW period. There are very few enjoyable civil war games out there and this topped it for me. Some have mentioned even WWII battles which is a bad route. There are many good WWI games out there. I believe this period is where you can really nail it and already have with this game. I would like to see maybe shiloh, bull run, spotsylvania or chickamauga. People are suggesting you do battles from different time periods like Napoleon which would look great down the road but I think you guys should do some more acw battles first. This game is unique and so is the civil war.