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  1. Oh yes, got it. Loved the game, already on my way to Trincomalee! But still thanks for the support.
  2. fermull


    I use 6pd longs. More velocity, pen and the reload is not too much worse than the standard ones.
  3. I would hate see to names like: "HMS 420xNoScopeBlazeItMLGFAZEClanx420". We NEED filters. Just a simple character restriction with censored words would be nice.
  4. So now its just wait for tomorrow and hope for an support's email.
  5. Do you think that it will take long? I really want to play and want to know what time of the night they deliver it (time when support is live).
  6. And the only chance that the email was blocked is if my ISP has just gone mad.
  7. "Hi Captain Your key was sent to email (my correct email) Best regards"
  8. Friday the key was not delivered, so I contacted support. The support contacted me 2 hours ago saying that the key was delivered in my email, but it was not there. I waited and, 2 hours later, still no key. This can be the last one of the series of topics made by me in this Suport area of the forum, but only if i get any response. This is being a messy weekend for the devs, and I can see that. I'm sorry for posting so many topics but I have no choice if I've been having more then one problem with the key deliver. Awaiting the key or an response.
  9. And for who have the game: Is it normal to the key take an hour to arrive after the "Your key has been sent out" response from support?
  10. They sent me an response saying that the key was sent to my email just right now. There is probably an little delay on that because the key is not here yet, but I'm happy to know that they sent it.
  11. I erased the information here for safety, but all you need to give me the key is in the email.
  12. Email: Steam key not delivered transaction id: name on paypal account: full address: email used for paypal purchase: alternate email contact:
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