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  1. Will this be a separate game or an addition to the campaign of the base game?
  2. It changes the behavior. If I'm summarizing correctly, the farther right you go along the AI scale, the more aggressive they become, and the farther up you go in the scale, the more "smart" or tactical it becomes. So a determined AI will very effectively charge you and push you back, and a cautious AI will be more laid back, and easier to attack. Those being just two extremes. Hopefully I said that right, I'm still not sure about the mechanics either.
  3. On the blog post, it says that this is the final update. Does that mean the last major update for a while, or are updates ending entirely? I really enjoy this game, and I'd hate to see it stop here, it has a lot of potential.
  4. Maybe you didn't notice the units inside the red boxes? That is what I'm referring to.
  5. I stumbled on this while going through the stats.
  6. Usually when this happens I've seen the enemy troops get decimated, not my troops start to rout. Guess it's just different circumstances.
  7. I can't change my profile picture, for whatever reason. It doesn't seem to work with any image I have either. This is the one I've tried to use, for reference.
  8. I noticed from older videos of UG:G that when you would gain troop reinforcements, you could see their flags off the edge of the board/map. This obviously has been removed, but is there any chance of having it re-added? I think it's a fairly useful feature, I know I like being able to command my units as soon as possible.
  9. Yes, this is very frustrating. I've lost entire brigades before because they retreat into enemy fire, and sustain even more losses. Would be very nice if units retreated towards your general
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