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  1. I've never seen this before. As far as I know the only aiming guide is the red marker. Are you sure you don't mean the white strip that is the limit of the battle area?
  2. Morning all. I managed to order this game shortly before the preorders closed after watching a some videos on YT. It is indeed a great start to what I believe will be an awesome game. Battles are great fun and I've found everyone to be helpful to new players. PVP is a bit quite during the day (on the times ive been able to check) but the evening battles have been great with plenty of ships. One battle had at least 30 ships. It gave me goosebumps and was very immersive. I'm glad to see that admin are considering allowing additional players to join the fun and to help add suggestions on developments.
  3. I've only been playing for just over a week. I like the minimal nature of the aiming mark. It means you have to use A ) judgement B ) skill C ) experience Which I personally think is a good thing. .
  4. Not just me then.. and I was looking forward to my first battle in the Snow
  5. Damn.. why can't I add images properly in the mobile version of the forum. ..
  6. Had a crash today. Who do I email the crash log to?
  7. Greetings Commanders, I too will be joining shortly. I've been watching some videos and reading the forums and will be purchasing shortly. Looking forward to playing.
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