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8 years 6 times embrace Barcelona's La Liga awards




Experiencing 8 La Liga last season, then Barca took Real to embrace all eyes 6 times the championship. The dominance that will increasingly solid as ever, if Messi is still in Barca and Real are still too ignorant Champions League.

In the period 1986 - 1990, which is the Real won La Liga stage as full with 5 consecutive championships. Even when Johan Cruyff arrived in Barcelona and have created "Dream Team", La Liga is still the land of Real Madrid with six championships between 1995 - 2008. But then Lionel Messi, Pep Guardiola's tiki-taka and export current, and Barca won La Liga 6 for 8 years.


Messi and Barcelona won La Liga 6th in 8 years

Barca's strength come from Messi

Looking at the history of the league, a dynasty with multiple consecutive championships are usually created by the influence of one, a group of players or a talented coach. La Liga is no exception. Lionel Messi is a prominent figure of contemporary football not only in terms of talent on the field. Messi received significant benefits from Pep Guardiola tiki-taka and tactics, but after Pep tiki-taka away and setbacks signs, Leo remained in the Nou Camp and his presence sparked the formation of the current Barca squad.

Before the Dream Team of Johan Cruyff dominate La Liga, Real Madrid 5 consecutive La Liga thanks to the group "Vultures" fame led by Emilio Butragueño. Effect of Butragueño great that spectators to watch Butragueño and Real are heading "Vultures", and coach John Toshack was fired for daring to push Butragueño on the bench.


Raul helped Real Madrid won La Liga six stages from 1995 to 2008

Neymar and Luis Suarez Is there know Messi joined Barcelona if not at the club? The presence of Messi at the Nou Camp, a South American player with a good reputation for team play has been confirmed, certainly attractive two other South American striker to Barca. Effects of the Acquisition Butragueño was Raul Gonzalez. Real Madrid earned 4 La Liga championship in the period from 1995 to 2003, and continued participation in Raul components La Liga champions Real from 2007 to 2008 before Lionel Messi and Barcelona dominated era begins.

Real - Team of the moment

It is easy to see that many people in the era of Florentino Perez as president, Real Madrid has not won many La Liga championship. As the idea of "Los Galacticos" Perez, Real is a flashy team, a team of the moment.

Champions League history will remember god grief volley and a header Zidane's injury-time equalizer by Sergio Ramos. But those moments occur overnight, but Real Madrid did not exercise tough and durable enough to take 9 months to conquer every opponent.


These moments of Sergio Ramos as in Lisbon in 2014 helped the club win the Champions League

Real will be coming ó made a Champions League, because they are a team of the moment (as "madness" of Ronaldo before Wolfsburg). But those moments that will not help them control of La Liga, Messi and Barca where always reigns. Which at the San Siro, not necessarily going to give Atletico Madrid a "moment of Ramos' reproduction. The more unfortunate for Real as Barcelona's Lionel Messi ownership. Messi, much less Butragueño, even longer than the leader of the Leo group of "vulture" in that he led Barca to the Champions League 3. The biggest criticism Butragueño Real time is not receiving C1 conquered trophy, and partly to make up mentality that European champions more important with the La Liga champions Real. Expecting see Euro 2016 kqbd

If the old formula C1 Cup is held so far (only national championship team was expected), perhaps Real Madrid will be playing in the Champions League at the 1 in 8 nearest period. Times change that Real have another look at the European Cup when they do not need to be La Liga champions attend. Does that make them less determined than the stones in the water?

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