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Tactical mistakes of Pep Guardiola




After lessons from former club Barca, Pep apparently not yet learned what experience. He had lost the cunning of Diego Simeone last night.


Regional defense art "strangled" tiki-taka


Like the previous game, Bayern Munich move more, control the ball more, launching more than rivals pass. Only thing, the ball just vicious in the midfield without financial naof closely approach the Atletico goal cumbersome due to the combination of the very abundant.



The difference in the scope of activities between the two central midfield Atletico Augusto Fernández (left) and Xabi Alonso Bayern (right)


In particular, Atletico accepted to cede the ball to the opponent, but still knows how to make a difference in defensive play than discipline. During 90 minutes, the location of the Madrid club move in a fixed area, every player that has the ball Bayern immediately 2 Atletico pressed and easily prevented.


Locked midfield striker Robert Lewandowski made virtually "starving" the ball (only one shot hit the whole game). The only weapon that Bayern expect from a distance just casual players, have no high accuracy.


Tactical mistakes of Pep Guardiola


Battle head coach Pep Guardiola surprised when pushed Thomas Mueller are achieving high style on the bench, giving power to the three players including Juan Bernat compatriot, Thiago Alcantara and Xabi Alonso. Then, they are the main factors leading to the defeat of Bayern Munich.


Alonso, Thiago Vidal combine with a midfield triangle. But physical weakness quickly had them being "strangled" by the duo Gabi - Augusto muscular and mighty.


Customers of deadlock, was no better defense, especially in the left flank area by Bernat defending. In a day of "haunted" the former Valencia player when playing below average to comfortably maneuver and Saul to 5 situations breakthrough success (goal opener is one of such situations). Match Review peak kqbd



Guardiola paid a price for too much faith in the players Spain

Ironically, Pep also helpless in finding a solution to the "death pit" on the left. Kingsley Coman time withdrawn and replaced with Frank Ribery, "death pit" is more conspicuous. Evidence is exemplary counterattack resulted in a rebound shot hit the crossbar after 75 minutes by Fernando Torres.


Bayern would have conceded, and he deserves a goal for Pep miscalculation.


Art "psychological war"


In the game was completely dominating, more than ever the players need to keep the head "cold". And Atletico have done it brilliantly. Even the new Bayern Munich team losing temper, took calmer.


The statistics do not lie: No foul by representatives from several Bundesliga almost twice (12 vs. 7), the number of booked more than ... 4 times (4 versus 1). Getting peeling glue bond dealer today cali88


Maybe it's time, people need to look in the eyes Simeone Atletico-other, not a collective image rough, with anonymous nasty blow to destroy!


"Superman" blockbuster keeper &


Undeniably, in addition to tactical elements, thankfully, Atletico also "benefit" from the excellent form of Saul Niguez amazing.


Amazed at the way Saul - a name not used, has never been called into the national team Spain - easily the ball over 3 ... national players (Bernat, Alonso, Alaba) and then fires a strike cut heart risk Manuel Neuer fails to defeat. Ecstatic moments that remind the fans to the peak Lionel Messi.


Above all, the name that coach Diego Simeone to thank most is his pet games Jan Oblak. Under pressure from Bayern terrible, still calm goalkeeper commander Atletico defense to neutralize dangerous attacks, while creating countless memorable moments such situations prevented shooting opportunity left out of Vidal (73 minutes).


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