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  1. What started out well with difficult and challenging to wish you well with its mission
  2. Experiencing 8 La Liga last season, then Barca took Real to embrace all eyes 6 times the championship. The dominance that will increasingly solid as ever, if Messi is still in Barca and Real are still too ignorant Champions League. In the period 1986 - 1990, which is the Real won La Liga stage as full with 5 consecutive championships. Even when Johan Cruyff arrived in Barcelona and have created "Dream Team", La Liga is still the land of Real Madrid with six championships between 1995 - 2008. But then Lionel Messi, Pep Guardiola's tiki-taka and export current, and Barca won La Liga 6 for 8 yea
  3. After lessons from former club Barca, Pep apparently not yet learned what experience. He had lost the cunning of Diego Simeone last night. Regional defense art "strangled" tiki-taka Like the previous game, Bayern Munich move more, control the ball more, launching more than rivals pass. Only thing, the ball just vicious in the midfield without financial naof closely approach the Atletico goal cumbersome due to the combination of the very abundant. The difference in the scope of activities between the two central midfield Atletico Augusto Fernández (left) and Xabi Alonso Bayern (ri
  4. I think you should turn things around by balancing between soldiers and it's stable operation. To sustain the position of the goal!
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