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Using Book Recipes?


So, the recipe for the Gunnery Encyclopedia is below:

Gunnery Encyclopedia
Found as recipe. Needs:
1x Means of Directing the Fire
1x L'Horizon Balistique
1x Sur le Canonnage a Bord
1x Table of Parts of Ships of War

If I find individual book components such as Means of Directing Fire, do I need to keep them "unlearned" in order to put together the Gunnery Encyclopedia or can I learn them and once all are learned, I get the Gunnery Encyclopedia?

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Yes, you must keep them "unlearned"

For crafting, you need the skillbooks as an item, if you use them for learning, the items disappear.

For crafting itself, you go to "Craft"-tab --> "Manufacture" --> "Gunnery Encyclopedia". Same procedure as for other goods.

Edit: ... if you find a second from them, you can read in this, naturally.

Edited by Holm Hansen

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