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  1. Какой смысл торговцам станет ездить при увеличении скорости, если профит/час на ближних маршрутах возрастет соответственно? Нельзя просто так сказать "от увеличения скорости будет все хорошо", если нету какой-то железной логики.
  2. Uninstalling

    I only sail 5th rate in NA, so not sure, but there isn't any massacre quests, where you killing a bunch of ships. But with assassination - yes, it is the same, in the killing aspect. But some exploring and chasing before the killing make it more interesting, and you stated, quote, "even NA has better mission then elite". Which is not. It is different, you are not risking with your cargo, you have to have ship fitted for that. There is a lot of other missions, like smuggling, trading, paper deliver with few destinations, rescue missions, stealing from ships, contacting ships for info, mining. Delivery missions itself have 2 types: where you deliver cargo handled to you, and where you have to find it first by yourself, like in NA for now. Planetary scan can be implemented in NA too, just by putting a mark on the shore of an island, so a player have to sail along it till he find and reach it. My point, ED have a lot of stuff NA can copy and do better. WoW has this system, other MMOs probably too. ED have no monthly subscription, so they need to sell add-on to support the game. They sell you a content, not a WIN button, and with that content comes new possibilities. And the ED is hardly competitive, so you cant really win with that horizon upgrades.
  3. Uninstalling

    In which way? Elite have a lot of mission types that NA can borrow. In fact, almost all of them, even those with a passengers. How is elite p2w? You can't buy resources with real money. Unless you speaking about horizons vs game without it, but that is the way game add-ons work. And according to steam, ED has not lost their players due to engineers update.